001 – Why I Ride – Conn Osborne

001 – Why I Ride – Conn Osborne

Today’s Guest

Conn Osborne

For the first episode, I’m honoured to welcome long time mountain biker Conn Osborne to the show for a great chat on how mountain biking looked in Northern Ireland over 25 years ago. Conn sat down with me after a great ride round Davagh to discuss bikes, trails, motivation and how things have changed over the years.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Conn got into mountain biking
  • What his first bike was
  • Who he was riding with when he got started
  • Where he was riding
  • Where he has biked in England
  • Stories of meeting pro’s
  • How he bought an Orange for £50
  • What he rides now
  • What bike he would buy if money was no option
  • His favourite trails
  • Why I Ride!

Conn is from Ballycastle but now lives in Coleraine. He is a self employed Surfboard Shaper (and his boards are awesome, I should know as I own two!).

He is a all round great guy and is really the person responsible for getting me back into mountain biking and helping relight my passions for the sport.

In this first episode, I ask Conn what motivates him, what lit his spark with mountain biking, what local riders he looked up to, why he stopped biking for a while, how many bikes he has owned, how he bought a Orange for £50, and where he rides now (among other things). You’ll also hear some incredible stories from his early days and how the scene looked around that time. It’s very interesting how the sport, trails and everything has progressed sense then.

Join me as I pick the brain of this local mountain biker on the first episode of the MTB TRIBE Podcast and WHY I RIDE – you’ll love what he has to say.

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Special thanks to Conn for joining me this week.

Thanks  for listening, until next week!