Cat Brady

I started Mountain biking a few years ago but due to work and my love of other sports I never really gave it the attention it deserved. 

At the beginning of the Pandemic I was temporarily laid off from my job as an Airline Pilot so with my new found free time I concentrated on trying to improve my mountain biking skills. I started with some of the basics which I had never learnt like trackstands, wheelies and manuals and documented my progress on YouTube and when the lockdown lifted I really enjoyed trying to bring the skills I’d learned out on to the trails. 

I’m still a way from mastering them but I am having so much fun on the journey. More recently I’ve had the privilege of filming some videos with professional Enduro racer Dan Wolfe and test riding some amazing E bikes. 

I’m blown away by the support the MTB community has shown me and love when people stop to chat on the trails. It’s an absolute honour to be a Brand Ambassador for Allta and I am looking forward to getting plenty of use out of the Trail Changing Robe on cold winter spins!  

If you want to follow my adventures, I’m on Instagram @CatMTBPilot and my YouTube Channel is PilotTurnsMTBGirl and if you do see me on the trails, please come say Hi!