About Allta

The wild, the untamed, the wilderness. For years we have been taught to avoid or even fear these landscapes. They are places apart; away from the 'civilizing' influence of people. We have been led to believe that these are strange or dangerous places. However, we are slowly starting to realise that, far from being dangerous, these wild and untamed spaces are essential to our wellbeing. They give us a space to breathe, recharge and reconnect to the things that really matter.

Through this love of the wild, Allta was born. Meaning 'wild' or 'untamed' in Gaelic, we felt the name Allta perfectly encapsulated what we are all about. In Ireland, we can have all four seasons in a day, so we always have to be prepared for a bout of rain or for the wind to suddenly pick-up. We love the freedom that comes from being out in nature, and we want to encourage everyone to get out on the trails, no matter how wild the weather gets.

Sometimes, however, the thought of getting changed in and out of your biking gear in the middle of a wet, cold and muddy car park can almost be enough to put you off hitting the trails. That's why we decided to take the hassle out of the changing process by introducing our warm and cosy changing robe. The robe will keep you warm and dry, and is large enough to get changed under- giving you some added privacy. The robe will also keep you toasty whether you're track side watching the races, chilling in your van after a day on the trails or even if you just want to throw on a comfy layer to take the dog out for a walk.

At Allta, we want to extend our love of nature even further. Now more than ever, it is vital that we all take proactive measures to help protect our environment. We want to make it easier for our customers to make good decisions and to encourage the mountain biking community to go green. That's why we have tried to source environmentally friendly materials where possible, and we will keep striving to improve our environmental credentials.

So no matter what the weather, we want to help and encourage you to get out in the rain, mud and wind, get those pedals turning, enjoy your ride and know with confidence that our range of products will help keep you dry, warm and comfortable on your adventure.