002 – Ian Bailey – Learn The Skills You Need

002 – Ian Bailey – Learn The Skills You Need

Today’s Guest

Ian Bailey

In episode 2, I’m stoked to welcome MBLA Skills and Qualification Coach, Ian Bailey. I hooked up with Ian at the Tullymore National Outdoor Centre where he runs his own business called, Rock And Ride Outdoors. Ian has been mountain biking for around 30 years and has seen the mountain bike scene change a lot over those years. But even though he still rides hardtails he has embraced the future, loves 29ers and thinks electric bikes are great  for getting people involved in the sport.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Ian started his lifelong passion with mountain biking
  • What got Ian competing
  • How he decided to have a lifestyle focused around mountain biking
  • What Ian had to sacrifice to become an MBLA Skills and Qualification Coach
  • How he almost died on a biking trip in France
  • What skills Ian can teach you to ride better, corner better and ride faster
  • How many bones he has broken
  • Why he loves 29ers and electric bikes
  • How to keep the stoke

I was blown away with the knowledge Ian has regarding all things mountain biking and you can really tell that he is still as passionate about mountain biking now as he was as a young kid, getting his fist bike. Ian also competes for Ireland in mountain running and still races enduro, you can tell he is a fit man. His dedication unparalleled. The morning I visited him, it was blowing a gail and the rain was not waiting to fall. He had already been out for a run and was planning another one later that day.

In this second episode, I ask Ian what started him mountain biking, what his time racing was like and what he had to sacrifice. How he decided to build a career around mountain biking, how difficult it was to gain his many bike related qualifications, what training courses you should be thinking of doing, how you can train and work in Europe being a mountain bike guide, and also why he likes 29ers and why. You’ll also hear some incredible stories from his early days, how the scene looked around that time and how a trip to France went a little wrong!

Join me as I have a great chat with Ian, find out what skills we should all master, how to live the lifestyle you love and get yourself stoked in the process.

To Connect with Ian

Website: rockandrideoutdoors.com

Facebook: facebook.com/rockandrideoutdoors

Twitter: twitter.com/RockRideOutdoor

YouTube:  youtube.com/user/RockRideOutdoors


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Special thanks to Ian for joining me this week.

Thanks for Listening, Until next week!