003 – TNT MTB Talk About Their YouTube Channel


003 – TNT MTB Talk About Their YouTube Channel

Todays Guest
TNT MTB – Trent & Allie
In Episode number 3 we are joined by YouTube channel TNT MTB. Trent, Allie and Frank the Tank (their trail dog), film all their blood, sweat, tears and awesome times, from their mountain bike trip across the west coast of America and Canada, bringing you fantastic trail action from the area’s they visited. They planned their trip well in advance and have had the time of their lives, but its not all been smooth riding. From Salt Lake City, Utah Trent and Allie join us to talk trails, bikes, business, bears and bees.

You’ll Find Out

  • What the mountain biking scene is like in Utah
  • How the correct riding gear can make a difference
  • The price of up market custom road bikes (you got to be kidding me!)
  • What goes into planning a 6 week mountain bike road trip
  • What bikes Trent and Allie ride and how Trent bust himself, while Allie bust her bike
  • How to convert a van with no experience and how much it costs
  • What goes into making and running a YouTube Channel
  • What Trent and Allie’s favourite trails are
  • Why Trent attracts animals attacks
  • Tips for doing a similar trip yourself
  • Future plans for TNT MTB

I am delighted to have Trent and Allie on the podcast for Episode number 3. Firstly, Trent and Allie are the nicest people you will ever talk to, they have a great outlook in life and I am blown away by their enthusiasm for mountain biking. They joined me (with Frank taking a back seat) from their home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was mainly wanting to talk about their successful trip and YouTube Channel called TNT MTB, but we ended up chatting about so much more.

We find out inside information like how the channel nearly didn’t start, what made them push ahead with it, how they planned their trip, and how to lose it while converting a van with no woodwork experience. We chat about the difficulties for girls to get involved in mountain biking, what proper gear can do for your confidence and riding skills and who does all the channels hard work, like editing Etc. (just kidding Trent!) We find out what it takes to run a YouTube Channel and gain lots of followers and Trent talks about why he keeps getting attacked by animals (see the link below for the funniest mountain bike attack ever caught on camera).

I had an absolute blast talking with Trent and Allie and thank them so much for coming on the show. So sit back, listen to the podcast, then go hit up their channel TNT MTB YouTube, subscribe and get mtb stoked.

To Connect with TNT MTB

Help TNT MTB: patreon.com/tntmtb
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/tntmtb
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Instagram: instagram.com/tntmtb/

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Special thanks to Trent & Allie for joining me this week. Thanks for Listening, Until next week!