004 – Ethan Loughrey – NI Trail Funding and Future Planning

004 – Ethan Loughrey – NI Trail Funding and Future Planning

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Todays Guest
Ethan Loughrey & Mountain Bike NI
Today we are joined by Ethan Loughrey from Mountain Bike NI. I wanted to speak to Ethan and pick his brains about how the process works for trail building in Northern Ireland. How and who decides on the trail designs, locations for trails and who pays for them.

You’ll Find Out

  • What Ethan’s job is within Mounting Bike NI
  • Where Mountain Bike NI came from and why
  • Who is involved in the decision making process to develop NI trails
  • Why local riders are important in the design and building process
  • How areas are chosen to develop trails
  • How much the trails have cost
  • Who pays for them
  • What input Chain Reaction Cycles has had for our trail centres
  • What new trails and new trail phases to expect in the near future
  • How healthy mountain biking is in NI
  • What you can do to help

In this episode number 4, I talk with Ethan Loughrey from Mountain Bike Northern Ireland. I chatted with Ethan in the Mountain Bike NI office over a cup of coffee. Ethan is a mountain biker himself and like so many of us, fell in love with mountain biking as soon as he first tried it. Ethan certainly knows what is happening within the mountain bike scene just not in Northern Ireland but also Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Ethan and the complete Mountain Bike NI team have the passion for the development of mountain biking in Northern Ireland that any growing sport needs. So we are in great hands as mountain biking within Northern Ireland moves into the future.

In this forth episode, I ask Ethan how MountainBikeNI.com came to being, what role it plays in our trail centres and how that effects the trails we have. We also discuss the process of building trails, what steps need to be taken, who is responsible for those steps and who gives the go-a-head. We also chatted about the involvement of local riders and the important role they play. The costs involved to construct such projects and how that can be repaid. And also, what we as riders can do to help make sure our bike trails stay maintained well into the future.

Join me as I have a great chat with Ethan and find out what new trails we should expect to see in the future and where they may be.

To Connect with Ethan & Mountain Bike NI

Website: mountainbikeni.com

Email: info@mountainbikeni.com

Facebook: facebook.com/MountainBikeNorthernIreland

Instagram: instagram.com/mountainbikeni


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Special thanks to Ethan for all the great information and for taking the time to be a guest on the podcast.

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