005 – Why I Ride – Grace Stanley

005 – Why I Ride – Grace Stanley

Today’s Guest
Grace Stanley
For the 5th episode, and our second ‘Why I Ride’ instalment, I was super stoked to have a very chilled out chat with Grace, all the way from New Zealand. I was interested to know how Grace only started mountain biking one month ago but was at Cranxworx, Whistler! Go figure. Yes that is correct, one month, this is not a typo.  We will find out why and how it all came to be.

You’ll Find Out

  • Grace’s background in mountain biking
  • How Grace got started mountain biking
  • What Grace is riding
  • What Grace feels to be the biggest issues for ladies starting mountain biking
  • Some great tips for somebody starting out mountain biking
  • How Grace is finding Crankworx
  • Grace’s future passion for mountain biking

I was very excited to talk with Grace and got the opportunity over a Skype call from Whistler. She is originally from New Zealand and has a background in all types of physical sports, from snowboarding to trail running. But when I heard that she had just started mountain biking, had caught the bug and was at Crankworx, I just had to say hi. We were introduced via a common friend, who said that I just had to get Grace on the podcast, she was super interesting, and had just got into mountain biking. I agreed.

When talking with Grace I could tell she was super excited about being at Whistler, she had visited before but over the snow season, so this was her first exposure to that area under the crazy setting of Crankworx. I could also tell she was blown away by the talent level of bikers on the Crankworx stage and who wouldn’t be, but after biking for only four weeks! Grace is also very upbeat about the involvement of ladies in the scene and has a great outlook on what mountain biking could hold for ladies getting involved.

I really enjoyed my chat with Grace and got a great aspect of what it must be like being a newbie to mountain biking on arguably the biggest stage on the planet.

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Special thanks to Grace for joining me this week. Thanks for Listening, keep pushing the pedals. Until next week!