006 – Calum McGee – On Racing And Breaking Bones

006 – Calum McGee – On Racing And Breaking Bones
Today’s Guest
Calum McGee
In todays episode it is my pleasure to be talking with Calum McGee. Calum is still only twenty but his racing career from an early age has meant he has seen a lot happen within the mountain bike race scene.
Calum is a super busy young man, so it was very good of him to take time out of his schedule to sit down and have a chat about his early years racing, his up’s and down’s, his struggles and his victories.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Calum got started
  • How he founded his early racing career
  • What clubs he was involved in at an early age
  • How his first race came to be in America
  • What help and sponsorship to expect at this stage
  • Who Calum looked up to at this time
  • How he kept himself motivated
  • How his video ‘Two’s A Crowd’ came about
  • What can happen when you race in the snow
  • How to bounce back after injury
  • Is training in your living room better than the garage?
  • The future, and how Calum has it well planned out


This year Calum has had a run of bad luck and has basically had to retire from racing this season due to a number of injuries. We talked about how these happened, how that effected his mind-set and how he plans to work hard and get back on the racing scene for next season.

Calum is a very determined, he is very level headed, seems to take everything in his stride and concentrates very much on the positives. He has not sat still during his recovery time and has found a passion for photography, looking at this as another direction for his career to expand and grow.

I had a blast talking with Calum about his racing career among other things. There are a few things that will shock you regarding his early racing career and how things were not just as easy as you may think.

If you have ever seen footage off this young man you will know that he shreds at a very high standard, so it was an absolute pleasure to have Calum on the show as our first guest racer. So please, download the podcast and let Calum entertain you with a great insight into the world of mountain bike racing from a early age.


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Special thanks to Calum for being my guest this week (and I am so sorry we had to do it twice!). And as always, thank you for downloading the show and listening!

Go shred it like Calum on the trails!