007 – Founder of Cranky Betty.co.uk Talks About Her Website And Ladies In Mountain Biking

007 – Founder of Cranky Betty.co.uk Talks About Her Website And Ladies In Mountain Biking

Today’s Guest
Grace Zarczynska – Founder of Cranky Betty.co.uk
In episode number seven I am very happy to introduce Grace Zarczynska, the founder of the ladies mountain bike website CrankyBetty.co.uk
Grace was kind enough to take time out her very busy schedule to have a chat with me regarding her website, her passion for mountain biking and ladies within the mountain bike community. Our chat takes us to the Alps in a Kia Rio (bikes included) and we discover why Grace felt the need to start Cranky Betty.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Grace got started in mountain biking
  • How she is now faster than her boyfriend at climbing (sorry Adam)#
  • What gear she uses
  • What gear she loves
  • Why she felt the need to start CrankyBetty.co.uk
  • How she gets all the great content for the website
  • Her biggest challenge with the website
  • How to travel to the Alps in a Kia Rio
  • Her tips on ladies getting involved in mountain biking
  • How she see’s the health of ladies mountain biking
  • And we get some inside scoops on what CrankyBetty.co.uk has in store for the future


Grace joined me for an evening chat about everything mountain bike related, her love for the scene and of course to talk about her very informative ladies mountain bike website, Cranky Betty.

I really enjoyed chatting with Grace and I was pretty surprised with some of the things she had to say. Grace was very forthcoming regarding how she got started in mountain biking, what she loves about it, how she keeps motivated and why she felt she needed to start a website, mainly aimed at ladies interested in mountain biking. She shares her travel stories and how she got to interview one of the best downhill lady racers on the planet (through buying shorts!).

Grace also shares how you can get involved with Cranky Betty and help the ladies mountain bike scene grow. Also, how she feels you should best start out and what pitfalls you may come up against.

I had such a great time talking with Grace and thank her so much for coming on the show. So please, download the podcast, visit CrankyBetty.co.uk and get stoked for the trails.


To Connect with Grace and Cranky Betty:

Website: crankybetty.co.uk

Email: grace@crankybetty.co.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/crankybettymtb

Instagram: instagram.com/cranky_betty

Twitter: twitter.com/cranky_betty

Photo of Grace taken by Phil Hall: instagram.com/philhall79


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Special thanks to Grace for being my guest this week. And as always, thank you for downloading the show and listening!

Take care on the trails.