008 – Neil Anderson – Get Fit Strong And Ride Harder

008 – Neil Anderson – Get Fit Strong And Ride Harder
Todays Guest
Neil Anderson WBFF Pro
In episode number eight it is my pleasure to talk with Neil Anderson. Neil is a WBFF Pro Bodybuilder and renowned Personal Trainer. I have known Neil for a good number of years and know how dedicated he is at whatever he puts his mind to.
Neil talks to us about how to get fitter, stronger, eat better, recover better and many other tips for being better on the bike.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Neil got into fitness and personal training
  • How Neil became a professional bodybuilder
  • Neil’s normal routine and training routine
  • The best way to get fit from being a complete beginner
  • What best exercise’s to do for home training
  • Best type of stretching to do (this will surprise you)
  • How to advance your mountain bike training
  • How important recovery is for overall performance
  • How to fuel yourself before your ride
  • What your diet should look like
  • Should you be using supplements
  • How to educate yourself for your training
  • How to get off the sofa and start training


Neil has always been in great shape and has always looked after himself. Neil has had great success training many different people (like Carol Frampton) in many different sports. So when I asked him about getting fit and strong for mountain biking, he was more than happy to come on the show and put us right about what type of training we should be doing off the bike.

I found this very helpful and was really surprised about what Neil had to say about some of the exercises we should be doing off the bike to help improve our biking. Neil has a deep knowledge in all fields, he has really educated himself to a high level. Neil talks us through training from being a complete beginner to a more advanced rider, how our diet and recovery should look and much much more.


To Connect with Neil

Website: neilandersonfitness.com

GymCo: gymbelfast.co.uk

Facebook: NeilAndersonWBFFpro

Instagram: neilandersonpt


Resources in this Episode

L.A. Muscle Supplements: lamuscle.com


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Special thanks to Neil for all the great information and for taking the time to be a guest on the podcast.

Thanks for Listening!

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