009 – BTR Fabrications – Building Bikes In The UK

009 – BTR Fabrications – Building Bikes In The UK
Todays Guest
Burf and Tam – BTR Fabrications
In episode number nine it is awesome to have our first bike builders on the show. Burf Tam Racing Fabrications (BTR) are bespoke hand made and manufactured bikes build in the UK. The business is owned and run by Burf and Tam, a two man team.
Burf and Tam do everything in house from design to welding and are super passionate about their brand. We talk to them about everything that is involved in owning a bike company, hand building bikes, the up’s and down’s and the motivation that keeps them going.

You’ll Learn

  • What BTR Fabrications do
  • Why Burf and Tam wanted to start a bike building company
  • How Burf and Tam meet
  • How they moved from a 9-5 to working full time on BTR
  • Why Tam slept on a shelf in the workshop when they started
  • The BTR build process
  • Motivation for bike design
  • What makes BTR bikes different and so good
  • Why BTR only manufacture in the UK
  • A day in the life of BTR
  • The challenges of running a bike company
  • The BTR order process
  • Future planning for BTR


Burf and Tam are mountain bikers through and through. The amount of work they do in house by themselves (which is everything) is amazing. They produce such an awesome product and if you don’t believe me just visit their website btr-fabrications.com Their work is top-notch and built bespoke for you in the UK.

We talk about the complete build process from an initial customer enquiry, to the completed product. Burf and Tam were very good to take us through their business, why they love it, but also the issues that can arise on any given day. Burf and Tam have built an amazing level of skill from working and building bikes and a company everyday.

If you want to know what goes into starting, running, building, keeping motivated and passionate about building a bike company, you will find this very interesting.


To Connect with BTR

Website: btr-fabrications.com

Email: info@btr-fabrications.com 

Facebook: BTR.Fabrications

Instagram: btr_fabrications

Twitter: BTRfabrications

Flickr: btrfabrications


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Special thanks to Burf and Tam for all the great information on building a UK bike brand and for taking the time to be a guest on the podcast.

Thanks for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show! Keep hitting the trails!


The Pinner from BTR Fabrications on Vimeo.