011 – Mech Monkey – Bike Prep And Maintenance

011 – Mech Monkey – Bike Prep And Maintenance
Todays Guest
Founders of Mech Monkey – Kieran & Louis
Its episode eleven and its time to get your bike set-up for the winter months. I chat with Kieran and Louis, founders of Mech Monkey about those very things.
I ran into the guys at the Mourne 24hr race at Castlewellan, got chatting and they very kindly agreed to come onto the show. We hooked-up at their workshop/store in Belfast (and what a cool workshop it is) on a Friday evening to talk bike maintenance, set-up, tyre pressures and a load of other stuff bike related.
The guys have a long and successful background in the bike maintenance world and certainly know their stuff. It was great to get them on the show and spend some time with them in their workshop.

You’ll Learn

  • How the guys got started in the bike maintenance world
  • Their passion for everything mountain bike related
  • What Mech Monkey do and how they can help you
  • How their repair and maintenance process works
  • What products they advise using for home maintenance
  • Bike set-up
  • How you should change your bike for winter riding
  • The best way to wash your bike, do’s and don’ts
  • Tyre pressures and how this effects your riding (subscriber question – Dan Sweeney)
  • Suspension set-up
  • Brake repairs
  • Professional maintenance
  • Bike up-grading (subscriber question – Dan Sweeney)
  • The future for Mech monkey


I really enjoyed my chat with Kieran and Louis and certainly learned a lot from our conversation. These guys are super cool, really chilled out and are very easy to chat to. Their workshop and store is going well and the guys are kept busy all year round. They also stock a good range of accessories for repairing your bike and only recommend what they use, believe in and have tested over the years.

They also stock Rocky Mountain bikes, Transition bikes, Nukeproof bikes, along with Dakine clothing and their own branded range of clothing. All the links are below.

The guys are not just out to sell a service. They are keen for you to keep a good level of maintenance to your own bike and have some really good tips for keeping your own bike running smooth and problem free. Of course for the larger jobs or your 6 month/12 month MOT you should take your bike to professionals such as Mech Monkey. The guys pride themselves on work carried out to the highest standard, giving you value for money and giving you the best advice possible.

Stoke up the fire, get the bedroom slippers on and listen how to best prep your beloved steed for those winter months.


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Special thanks to the Mech Monkey guys, Kieran & Louis for being top class guests on the podcast and for taking the time to get involved, and to Dan Sweeney for sending in questions for the guys.

Thanks for Listening!

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