012 – Why I Ride – Lisa-Marie Feehan

012 – Why I Ride – Lisa-Marie Feehan
Todays Guest
Lisa-Marie Feehan
On our Thirteenth Episode and our Third ‘Why I Ride’ instalment it is a pleasure to welcome Lisa-Marie Feehan to the show. Lisa-Marie is from Dublin but now lives in Whistler, Canada.
Lisa-Marie has been mountain biking for a few years and has great input related to starting mountain biking, how to improve and move on from a bad fall, among many other things.
Lisa-Marie seems to be in love with life and in love with mountain biking. She has great things to say about mountain biking and the complete Whistler package in general. We talk about, ladies coaching camps, the price of lift tickets, how to ride Whistler for free (leg power required), what’s on offer for purchase in the stores as far as bikes and riding gear, how to make mountain biking a social event and ride with friends, areas to ride outside of Whistler and of course why Lisa-Marie rides and what she loves about mountain biking.

You’ll Find Out

  • How Lisa-Marie got interested in mountain biking
  • How often she gets on her bike each week over the summer
  • Her favourite trail in Whistler
  • What the scene is like in Whistler
  • How good Whistler is for lady riders
  • What bike Lisa-Marie is riding and why she loves it so much
  • What piece of gear Lisa-Marie just purchased and loves
  • How to dust yourself off from a bad injury
  • What Lisa-Marie loves about mountain biking

It was great to talk with Lisa-Marie all the way from Whistler, Canada. And I have to say a big thanks to Grace Stanley (see Episode #5 below) for hooking us up. I also have to say a huge thanks to Lisa-Marie as we had to record this episode twice due to a technical issue (my fault really). Lisa-Marie was so cool and got up early to record her episode before heading to work. So thank you!

So have a listen and prepare to put Whistler on your bucket list if it isn’t there already.


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Special thanks to Lisa-Marie for joining me this week. Thanks for Listening. Until next week!