013 – MudHugger – Guard Yourself From The Mud This Winter

013 – MudHugger – Guard Yourself From The Mud This Winter
Todays Guest
Jamie & Bruce – Founders of MudHugger
In episode thirteen it is my pleasure to welcome Jamie and Bruce from the brand MudHugger. MudHugger has been going from strength to strength basically from the beginning. Jamie and Bruce started the brand of the back of having dirty backs! They design and make all their products in the UK and ship all over the world.
We chat about why they felt the need to start the brand, how the products are produced, the support they have had from magazines etc.. from the start and how they have come to ship their product all over the world. This is a great chat with a couple of great guys who produce an awesome product.

You’ll Learn

  • How the MudHugger concept all started
  • How the product was designed
  • When and how Jamie & Bruce decided to turn their idea into a business
  • What their most popular product is and the different options
  • The price of the products
  • Why the guys want to produce the products in the UK
  • How MudHugger sponsors riders
  • The rider feedback they receive
  • Future products from MudHugger

Jamie and Bruce have been mountain biking from 1987 and have been keen mountain bikers ever since. They started the MudHugger brand mainly from a need to keep dry and be able to have a pint at their local after their ride.

The brand has gone from strength to strength and the guys certainly have a passion for it. MudHugger is still a two man band and considering they ship all over the world and have other full time jobs, it is safe to say they are super busy. Jamie and Bruce are both very keen to keep the brand growing and moving in the correct direction. They have got plans for future growth and would love to go full time into the MudHugger brand. They have also got plans for some interesting products in the near future.

It was great to talk with the guys and learn how they started from a very simple idea to what is now available from the MudHugger brand. Check out the links below, have a look at their products and keep yourself free from mud this winter. Enjoy!


To Connect with MudHugger

Website: themudhugger.co.uk

Email: sales@themudhugger.co.uk

Facebook: themudhugger

Instagram: mudhugger2

Twitter: Themudhugger

YouTube: TheMudhugger

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Special thanks to Jamie and Bruce for coming on the podcast and for sharing their story.

Thanks again for Listening!

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