016 – BikeJames.com – Get Strong And Bike Fit Fast With James Wilson

016 – BikeJames.com – Get Strong And Bike Fit Fast With James Wilson
Todays Guest
James Wilson – Founder of MTB Strength Training Systems & Pedalling Innovations
In episode number sixteen we are joined by James Wilson founder of MTB Strength Training Systems & Pedalling Innovations. James has been training everybody from the likes of you and me to professional riders for a number of years. He is best known as Bike James throughout the strength and fitness world and has a number of training courses aimed at everything mountain biking. James also owns a pedal company!
We talk about the training courses he has produced over the years, which ones best suit you, how you can get your hands on them and loads of great training information. We also chat about his pedal company and why he felt he had to produce his own pedal.

You’ll Learn

  • How James got into mountain biking
  • Why he kept crashing over the handle bars
  • Why he started training and how he started training the likes of me and you
  • The different courses James has available and how they can help you
  • We learn about the tonnes of free information available from James on BikeJames.com
  • What the difference is between pro athlete training and regular training
  • What we can do to keep motivated and keep training
  • Why James felt he had to make his own pedal and turn that into a company
  • How you can improve your riding

I had been meaning to ask James to be a guest on the show for months and when I got talking with a great friend of mine who now lives in Colorado he said that he trained with a guy who was massively into mountain biking called Bike James! Well a couple of emails later James had agreed to come on the show and was more than happy to help. Awesome! Thanks Louis!

I had a great chat with James and I love the way he thinks. His training techniques may at first seems a little out-of-the-box, but the more you listen the more your understand the reasoning behind this. James really does want to help everybody train better and ride better and this certainly comes across in our chat.

James also has done a load of research into pedal design and the differences between riding flats and clipless. This is something he is super passionate about, so passionate in fact he has designed his own pedal which he strongly believes helps with your riding in more ways than one.

So have a listen, James is a super awesome guy and I feel you will learn a lot from this episode, I know I have.

Also, check out the resources below for more information on contacting James and the great products (and free information) he has to offer.


“After talking with James I got interested in what he was saying about how to train and what you should be doing to be a better mountain biker, and to be honest a lot of the things he said totally go against the way I have trained in the past, so it really opened my mind and how to think about training in the gym. So I got to thinking and decided I would get my butt back into the gym, purchase James Ultimate MTB Training Programme and have a go. I also thought it would be good for you guys who are thinking of doing some out of season training to follow my progress and see how I feel it helps my overall biking and fitness. If you are thinking of getting your fitness to a higher level or you just want to train better for mountain bike related fitness then have a look at James training programmes, you can find links to them in the show notes. Or just follow the podcast and see how I am getting on with the programme. I have also talked with James since that time and he has agreed to come back on the show and talk about any questions I have regarding the training programme, diet, getting on the bike etc.. every few months. What I will say is the course covers everything. It has an out of season training programme, an in season training programme. It covers nutrition and supplements, recovery, mental training, skills training, it has everything. I have been doing the programme for around 3 weeks now and I have to say, at the start it seems pretty easy but I can also see how it is helping, working the correct muscle groups and getting me more supple and strong in the correct areas. It is also very different to anything I have done before so it did leave me sore and I defiantly knew I had worked muscles that I have not in the past. Looking into the future training programmes it will defiantly get more challenging. The course is in depth and I am looking forward to getting into the programme more in depth.”

“Now let me be clear, I am not trying to sell you this I am basically letting you know about something that may help your fitness, riding or keep you free from injury. If I think it will benefit you I will certainly tell you but if I feel it is not working I will tell you that also, it will be an honest, truthful and all done with your interests in mind. However if you do click on the link in the show notes and make a purchase I will get a small commission, with no extra cost to you. It all helps with the costs behind producing this podcast, so thank you!”

“So have a listen to the podcast with James and see if the training programme is for you. As I say if you are keen to get your bike fitness to a higher level have a look at his programmes, he has something for everyone. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on how I am getting on with the training. Let me just add that I am in no way a super fit person, I get out on the bike on average once per week and am only out for a couple of hours, so don’t feel this is to much for you if you are not hitting the trails 3 or 4 times a week!”

Have a listen and enjoy the podcast!!! Thanks for being here!!!


To Connect with James

Website: bikejames.com

Email: support@bikejames.com

Facebook: mtbstrengthtrainingsystems

YouTube: mtbstrengthcoach


Resources in this Episode

Facebook: pedalinginnovations

Instagram: pedalinginnovations

Twitter: flatpedals


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Thanks so much to James for being a guest on the show and taking us through his training and pedalling tips. Awesome stuff!

And thank you once again for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!