017 – Mount Kenya Trust And 10to4 MTB Challenge

017 – Mount Kenya Trust And 10to4 MTB Challenge
Todays Guest
Becky Summers & the Mount Kenya Trust
This episode starts a series we will be running through the podcast over the next number of months, finding out what mountain biking is like in East Africa. I will be posting an East African episode every 5 or 6 weeks. I have talked with a number of people from Kenya and Uganda regarding mountain biking and how it is growing and making a difference in and around the East African area.
You will be surprized with what I have found. The trails look and sound both amazing and brutal. I hope you guys enjoy these episodes, I know it is different form the norm but they are super interesting and I think it is good to know what else is happening in the mountain bike scene from different areas across our awesome planet.
So lets get on with episode number seventeen.
It is my pleasure to introduce Becky Summers from the Mount Kenya Trust, Africa.
We will be chatting about their annual 10to4 Mountain Bike Charity Challenge. The racing is held over the weekend and comprises of many different categories, skill levels and even includes family friendly challenges. The funds raised all go to causes within the region to help many different projects including education and animal welfare.
It was great to chat with Becky regarding not only the race weekend but also the mountain bike scene in Africa. We chat about how popular mountain biking is in Africa, how it is helping the communities and how the 10to4 challenge works plus lots more.

You’ll Learn

  • What Becky’s roll is in the Mount Kenya Trust
  • What the mountain bike scene is like in Kenya and Africa
  • How Becky knows David Kinjah and what he is like
  • What the 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge is and how it works
  • Where the money raised goes and how it helps
  • Funds raised over the past
  • How the local community supports the challenge and welcomes it to town
  • How you can get involved and also enter the challenge
  • Exciting plans the Mount Kenya Trust have happening in the future

I really enjoyed my chat with Becky. It was great to find out how mountain biking is helping local communities across Africa and how it is helping in many different ways. The 10to4 Challenge is going from strength to strength and it is awesome to see. Becky and her team have lots planned for the future and combining Becky’s passion with the strength of her team, I can only see this being a success. Well done to Becky and everybody involved in running such a successful mountain bike challenge and it is awesome to see the funds raised going to worthwhile causes.

Keep your sights on the website and podcast for more exciting interviews from the African mountain biking scene. We have some exciting and interesting things happening in the near future.


To Connect with Becky and the Mount Kenya Trust

Website: mountkenyatrust.org

Facebook: mountkenyatrustonline

Twitter: mountkenyatrust

YouTube: youtube.com/channel

Website: 10to4.org

Facebook: 10to4.org

Twitter: 10to4event


Resources in this Episode

Facebook: David.kinjah



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Thanks so much to Becky for being a guest on the podcast and taking time out of her busy work schedule.

Thanks for Listening People!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show! Pedal Strong!