019 – How To Organise An Enduro Race with Michael Regan

019 – How To Organise An Enduro Race with Michael Regan
Todays Guest
Michael Regan – How To Organise An Enduro Race
In todays episode number Nineteen we chat with Michael Regan who along with being an excellent rider and racer is also the organiser of both the Davagh and Davagh Night Enduro. We chat with Michael about the challenges that arise in organising an enduro race, why he felt the need to start an enduro event, what kind of rider you need to be and how you can get involved and race yourself, plus much more.
Have you ever thought of entering an enduro race  (like me) but are just not sure if you are fit enough, skilled enough or fast enough? Well don’t worry a thing about it. Michael talks us through it all. Lets us know what level of fitness you will need and if you are most likely up for the challenge, just remember to bring your lights to the night event!

Find Out

  • Michaels race background
  • Racing in the Red Bull Fox Hunt
  • What an enduro race is
  • Why Michael started the enduro series
  • Why he chose Davagh
  • When the races take place
  • How much the event costs to enter
  • Facilities available on race day
  • A typical day (or night) at the race
  • What approval required
  • The financial burden and help from sponsors
  • How fit, fast and skilled you need to be
  • How to enter and the benefits from entering
  • Plans for the future

It takes a lot of time and effort to organise an event like the Davagh and Davagh night enduro. So why would you want to use up a large chunk of your spare time in doing such a thing? Well, that is what Michael has done. He has pumped a load of blood, sweet and tears (well maybe not tears, lets say…time) time into making the event happen over the years. This is not something you can organise over a few weekends, it takes time and once one event has ended it is time to start planning and organising the next one. And all of this on top of a full time job!

It was great to finally get Michael on the show as it took around 5 to 6 weeks to organise. I was looking forward to hearing all about the Davagh enduro because it is such a great event to have in our own backyards. I find it so interesting, and I hope you do too, to the amount of work and spare time certain people are willing to give up to organise events like this. Without people like Michael stuff like this just would not happen, so my hat goes off to him for all he has done in organising the Davagh enduro.  A job well done!

So if you are thinking of entering this year have a listen to the podcast, get yourself prepared, get involved and give Michael a thumbs up’s on the old socials! Enjoy!


To Connect with Michael and the Davagh Enduro Races

Facebook: DavaghEnduro

Facebook: mreganmtb

Michaels Photography Website: www.mr-photography.net

Facebook: MichaelReganPhotography


Sponsors that help the Davagh Enduro happen. Go show some Love!

Steelweld Fabrications (manufacture of the unique lazer cut trophies)













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Thanks to Michael for being a guest on the podcast, it was great to chat with him and get a great insight into the world of enduro event organisation.

Cheers for Listening!

Join me next week for another interesting and insightful MTB TRIBE Podcast show!