020 – Simon Blake – Sports Director For African MTB & Cycling Development

020 – Simon Blake – Sports Director For African MTB & Cycling Development
Todays Guest
Simon Blake – Sports Director For African MTB & Cycling Development
In our second instalment of the African series and episode number Twenty we are talking with Simon Blake who is the Sports Director for African Mountain Biking and Cycling Development. Simon was nice enough to come on the show and fill us in on his role in introducing East African kids and adults to the world of mountain biking and cycling.
Simon is from Australia but has been living and working in East Africa for many years, helping grow awareness of the benefits that both mountain biking and cycling can bring and how it can become a career for those who have the skills and dedication. Simon has achieved this through many different methods, from pump tracks to enduro races but still believes they have a long way to go before this can become a reality for a lot of these kids.

Find Out

  • Why Simon decided to cycle 300km to a weekend enduro instead of taking the car
  • What BKXC was doing in his part of the country
  • What the trails are like in Kenya, East Africa
  • Why a full ridged bike is better than a full sus bike (for their training purposes)
  • What the mountain bike scene is like in East Africa
  • What happens if you break a component and how long it takes to get a new one
  • Why mountain biking is becoming very popular
  • Why there are so many trails
  • How Simon is getting people on bikes to help their future
  • Why Simon builds pump tracks for training purposes
  • The great work Simon is doing in Kenya, East Africa

I was really happy to get Simon on the podcast to continue the East African series. There is so much good work going on in Kenya and I really feel we don’t know enough about it and because Simon plays such a large role in the development of the sport it was awesome to get him on the show. It took us a number of weeks to get the interview set-up as Simon is super busy and has always some event or meeting to be attending. But I was super glad we both could make it work and we could bring you insight into the world of mountain biking in Kenya.

Simon certainty knows his stuff when it comes to mountain bike and cycling development. He has worked in the outdoors adventure industry for a number of years and has also been a qualified mountain bike instructor. When he was given the opportunity to help develop mountain biking and cycling in Kenya he jumped at the opportunity and by all accounts has made a huge difference to a number of peoples lives through the power of the bike.

Simon is a keen mountain biker himself and as I write this he has just won an Enduro race that he cycled 300km to attend. He could have taken the car but was up for the challenge of something a little different and used pedal power instead. And as Simon tells the story of the his trip you can certainly understand why he wanted to push the pedals and not the accelerator. But you will have to listen to find out!!

Thanks for joining us as we talk about everything mountain bike and cycling related in Kenya, East Africa.


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Thanks so much to Simon for being a guest on the podcast and taking time out of his busy work and biking schedule.

Thanks for Listening People!

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