021 – Inside Ladies Racing with Lynette Deacon

021 – Inside Ladies Racing with Lynette Deacon
Todays Guest
Lynette Deacon – Enduro, Downhill. She does it all.
It’s episode number Twenty One and we are chatting with Lynette Deacon about her racing, training, challenges and sponsors.  We get inside the ladies racing scene and chat about ladies in mountain biking. Lynette has raced in the Redbull Foxhunt for the last four years. We hear how she got on, what she thinks about the race and how competitive ladies racing is.
If you are thinking of getting involved in the ladies racing scene or even just starting to mountain bike this is the episode for you. We chat with Lynette about how she started mountain biking and how she would advice doing this in a male dominated scene. She shares some experience on how to get more involved, enjoy your riding more and get on the trails with more confidence.

Find Out

  • About Lynette’s adrenaline junkie background
  • How Lynette came to be competing in the Ninja Warrior UK
  • Why Lynette got into mountain biking
  • How Lynette got into racing after riding for only a short time
  • The best piece of mountain biking advice Lynette has received
  • Ladies racing in the Redbull Foxhunt
  • Why Lynette wanted to race in the Scottish Downhill Association Series
  • Lynette’s lowest point in her racing
  • How competitive ladies mountain biking is
  • Who Lynette’s sponsors are and how they have helped
  • What Lynette’s training schedule is like
  • If you are a female, how to best get into mountain biking and enjoy it
  • Lynette’s favourite trail
  • Lynette’s plans and goals for 2018

Lynette is our first female racer on the podcast and it was awesome to chat with her. I have been wanting to get a female racer on the show for a while. I feel ladies in mountain biking need to be better represented and what better way to do this than chat with a lady who has been there and got the tee shirt. Lynette tells us her story on how she got started both riding bikes and racing bikes. She shares how she funds her racing trips and what it takes to be able to do this, her scarifies, the time involved and what you get back from all this hard work and dedication.

I reached out to Lynette and asked if she would like to be a guest on the show by simply emailing her via her website. Lynette writes her own blog covering her races and experiences in great detail. So, if you are wanting day to day detail on her racing events visit her site (link below) and read all about it. She also has some awesome photos on there helping you get a real ‘life feel’ on the up’s and down’s of her races.

Warning! After listening to this don’t be surprised if you find yourself searching for race event dates and playing with the idea of entering two or three or at least going to check them out for next year. But thats a good thing right?

Thanks for being here people. Enjoy the show!


To Connect with Lynette

Website: lynettedeaconmtb.wordpress.com

Facebook: LynetteDeaconMTB

Instagram: nett.mtb

YouTube: LynetteDeacon


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A big thanks to Lynette for being a guest on the show. It was awesome of her to come on and share her story.

Cheers for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show! Stay on the trails!