023 – Racing Mountain Bikes Blind with Brian Lenehan

023 – Racing Mountain Bikes Blind with Brian Lenehan
Todays Guest
Brian Lenehan
In episode number Twenty Three we are chatting with Brian Lenehan who races in a number of local Enduro events and is registered blind. If you feel you need a kick up the backside and some motivation to get out on the trails then this is the episode for you.
Brian talks us through how the injury happened that effected his eye sight and would turn his world upside down, taking us through some dark times. But this is also a story of determination and discipline. Brian has come out the other side, has come to terms with his condition and all with the help of close family, friends mountain biking. If all you do is complain about the rain and snow (like me) then take a listen and realise you have nothing to complain about at all.

Find Out

  • How Brian was super active in sport before his accident
  • How Brian lost his eyesight
  • Why Brian hid his condition for a number of months
  • The dark days Brian went through with his condition
  • How Brian’s condition effects his daily life
  • Why Brian started mountain biking while registered blind
  • How Brian felt before and after his first mountain bike ride
  • Why Brian believes mountain biking has helped him get out and stay positive
  • Why Brian wanted to start racing mountain bikes
  • Why Brian showed up at the Davagh Enduro and didn’t tell anybody he was registered blind
  • How Brian remembers the course and does his homework to get better at this
  • The bike that Brian rides
  • Where Brian’s blindness has lead him to be employed and help others with disabilities
  • What Brian’s racing plans are for the future


I loved getting Brian on the show. He is such a super guy and has come through such a serious life changing condition and came out the other side with such a great attitude. Brian is a true inspiration to us all and it was great to hear his story.  Brian has got on with his life and is not holding back. Mountain biking has helped him a lot and has taken him to many different places and trials. When you listen to the show you will find out how Brian deals with riding new trails and how he remembers them for the next time. We could all take a leaf out of Brian’s book regarding this.

It is such an uplifting story and I am so happy that we could give Brian the opportunity to tell it. Brian’s end goal is to help anybody that may be in a similar situation or give somebody hope and the motivation that when something like this happens it is not the end of the world. Brian now works with Disability Sport NI helping and motivating other people in need. But as Brian puts it, he gets as much help and motivation from the clients he works with as he gives them.

Brian is a true inspiration and it has been great to have him on the show and share his story. So when you are feeling down and need a lift, just think of Brian, how he has dealt with his condition, how he races bikes, how he gets out and tries new trails and loves his mountain biking lifestyle. We have no excuse.


To Connect with Brian

Facebook: brian.lenehan.9

Twitter: BrianLen76


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A massive thank you to Brian for coming on the show, it was awesome to hear his story.

And a massive thank you for Listening!

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