024 – Adam Davis – MTB In East Africa, The Kijabe Enduro & Riding With BKXC

024 – Adam Davis – MTB In East Africa, The Kijabe Enduro & Riding With BKXC

Todays Guest

Adam Davis – Founder of the Kijabe Enduro, guide to Brian Kennedy on his East African visit to Kijabe and all round top guy.

In our Third instalment of the African series and episode Twenty Four we will be chatting to Adam Davis about how a California kid ended up living in East Africa, what his local Kijabe trails are like, why he wanted to start an Enduro Race, what it was like guiding Brian Kennedy from his YouTube channel BKXC around and how he got so good on a bike with no coaching or guiding at the age of 16!

I got Adams details from Simon Blake, who was on a previous episode (#020, see below for the link). Simon said I should have a chat with him as he was doing good things in Kijabe and holding a Enduro race early next year (2018). I got in contact with Adam who was more than happy to come on the show and talk about what he was up to, how he got involved with mountain biking and everything else related to mountain biking in his area of Kijabe. Adam has a very interesting story and as a 16 year old he is certainly enjoying life, making the most of every opportunity and grabbing the bull by the horns (or the bike by the bars, if you wish).


Find Out

  • How Adam came to be living in East Africa
  • How he got so good with no coaching (check out his video links below)
  • What his local trails are like in Kijabe
  • Why when you see a switchback you know you are in trouble
  • How Adam and his dad find the trails they ride
  • Why he wanted to start an Enduro race
  • Details about the first Kijabe Enduro race
  • What wildlife issues you can face while riding in Africa
  • How he came to be guiding Brian Kennedy from his YouTube channel BKXC
  • The good times had with Brian
  • The crazy elevations they have to deal with on their rides
  • The future ideas Adam has and what he may do after finishing school


I really enjoyed my chat with Adam and I am so glad he came on the show. For a 16 year old he defiantly has his head screwed on. He is very thankful for what he has and the laid back lifestyle he has been given but he still never slows down. He always seems motivated and is always on his bike, riding, working on technique and finding new trails. You can really tell from our chat that he is totally in love with mountain biking and getting out into the wilderness, after all he does call himself ‘Nature Boy’.

Adam has teamed up with Simon Blake (who unfortunately broke his collar bone while riding with Adam only minutes before our chat. Get better soon Simon!) to help run and organise the Kijabe Enduro. Simon has years of experience in the field so I am sure the race will be a success and they both will be at this together well into the future. The Enduro is being run on February 24th & 25th 2018, please check the links below for more information.

It took a year of emailing and communication between Adam and Brian Kennedy to organise his visit for his YouTube channel BKXC, but it was well worth it. Adam and Brian really hit it off and Brian was introduced to the awesome but technically demanding trails of Kijabe. Brian and Adam both had a blast and it really shows in the videos (links below).

Adam is young, motivated and hard working. I find it totally refreshing that such a young man can push himself well beyond what is expected of him and find happiness from the simple things in life. Simply put: biking, friends and nature. Adam could be living it up in California doing what normal kids do but he is more than happy in East Africa and calls it his home. Good on you!

Watch this space, this is not the last you have heard of from Adam Davis.


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Thanks so much to Adam for being a guest on the show and telling us his story.  Awesome stuff!

And thank you once again for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show! Catch you on the trails!