026 – Why I Ride – Audrey Gallagher

026 – Why I Ride – Audrey Gallagher

Todays Guest

Audrey Gallagher

Welcome to the forth instalment of our ‘Why I Ride’ series with Audrey Gallagher. Audrey is a super keen mountain biker and can often be spotted charging her local trails at Davagh. Audrey chats to us about how she came from a background of very little sport and how after some coaching from her boyfriend, she got hooked on mountain biking.

It wasn’t an easy start for Audrey. She had her fare share of injuries from a number of accidents in her past and felt that mountain biking was the last thing she should really be doing. But after some encouragement, great coaching and a proper bike she finally got bit by that mountain bike bug and was hooked. Audrey has taken this one step further and has introduced a number of her friends from her road cycling club to get off road and on the trails. She now heads up a social roadies get-together on the trails of Davagh every Saturday morning. We chat about that and much more.

Find Out

  • How Audrey got started in mountain biking
  • How often she is on the bike each week
  • Her favourite trails
  • How her Saturday Girls Trail Club started
  • Have any of the roadies bought a mountain bike?
  • How Audrey feels females can get involved in mountain biking
  • Audrey’s advice on how to improve from a beginner
  • How to get over injuries and keep getting up
  • What bike Audrey is riding and why
  • What bike Audrey would buy if money was no option
  • Her favourite piece of kit
  • What’s on Audrey’s mountain biking bucket list
  • Why Audrey rides


If you ride Davagh you will have passed or chatted to Audrey at some stage, even if you didn’t know it. Audrey is super stoked on mountain biking and she shows it. I love seeing this joy in someone, it is contagious. Audrey is a great advertisement for mountain biking and everything that it can give back as a simple past time. Audrey has some great advice on how to get started, get over some fears that we all experience from time to time and how a proper bike can help you enjoy yourself and advance.  If injury is stopping you starting mountain biking well this is no excuse for Audrey. Audrey has some great useful advice on how to get past this and stay on the trails and she should know, coming from a pretty big list of injuries, but not all from mountain biking I will add.

Audrey has visited plenty of trail centres across Ireland and has her strong favourites. She has great advice for someone like me who has never ridden Bike Park Ireland, how it can help you quickly improve and why you really should spend a couple of days exploring their trails.

It was great to get Audrey on the show and I really enjoyed our chat. She is a great encouragement to males, females, beginners and bike lovers in general. Have a listen and check out her story.


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Twitter: audreygallagher


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Special thanks to Audrey for joining me this week. Thanks for Listening. Until next week!