027 – Robin O’Neill Talks About Being A Professional Photographer Within The Mountain Bike Scene

027 – Robin O’Neill Talks About Being A Professional Photographer Within The Mountain Bike Scene

Todays Guest

Robin O’Neill  – Professional Outdoor Lifestyle and Action Photographer

In todays episode number Twenty Seven we are chatting to Robin O’Neill about being a professional photographer not only within the outdoor action environment but also within the mountain biking scene. Robin has worked with a number of top company’s and personalities in the mountain bike industry. She chats to us about how she became a photographer, why she moved to Whistler and how she came to be shooting for some of the best brands in the mountain bike scene.

Robin had a different and interesting direction into the photography industry. She chats about this and how she decided to follow her true passion and get involved fulltime in outdoor lifestyle and action photography. This was a natural direction for Robin as she is a avid mountain biker and skier. We chat about this plus much much more.

Find Out

  • Robin’s direction into photography
  • Why Robin decided to start her own photography business
  • How Robin has seen the photography industry change over the years
  • How long Robin has been a professional photographer for
  • Why Robin loves mountain biking so much
  • What Robin thinks of living and riding in Whistler, Canada
  • What brands and athletes Robin has worked with
  • How Robin sets up her shoots and deals with different conditions
  • Where Robin has ridden abroad and why she always takes her own bike
  • What equipment Robin uses
  • Tips for starting out in the photography industry
  • The future for Robin O’Neill Photography
  • How to get in contact with Robin O’Neill Photography


At first sight Robin seems to be living the dream and she does love passionately what she does, but being a professional photographer is a demanding career choice and takes a high level of dedication and commitment. From constant travel to time-line changes at short notice, you have to be prepared for it all and Robin certainly is. She works hard at making sure her schedule is well planned and she is prepared and ready to produce her best work for the top athletes and brands she works with.

Robin has a crazy passion for mountain biking and she is truly thankful that she can base herself in Whistler, a true mecca for mountain biking. Robin started mountain biking when she moved to Whistler and puts this decision down to many things but living and playing in Whistler being the main one. Robin chats about how awesome mountain biking is in Whistler and how the scene has grown over the last number of years.

What first made me get in contact with Robin was her website, I ran across it while doing a general search. Her images were just amazing and her passion for what she does seemed to shine through. I knew she was a keen mountain biker, how else would you know to take such great pictures and I knew I had to make contact and ask her to be a guest. Robin was very kind and accepted my invitation, and though it took a little time to get her on because of her busy work schedule we finally made it happen.

So put the headphones on, jack up the car stereo, swipe your phone, however you listen and hear Robin’s story of what it is like to be a professional mountain bike photographer.


To Connect with Robin O’Neill Photography

Website: robinoneillphotography.com

Facebook: robinoneillphotography

Instagram: robinoneill

Vimeo: robinoneill


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Thanks so much to Robin for coming on the show and telling her story. It was awesome to get insight into the mountain bike photography world!!

And thank you once again for Listening. You rock!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!