030 – Riding Bikes In Uganda & The Mount Elgon XC & Enduro MTB Race with Will Clark

030 – Riding Bikes In Uganda & The Mount Elgon XC & Enduro MTB Race with Will Clark

Todays Guest

Will Clark – Founder of the Mount Elgon XC & Enduro MTB Race – Uganda – East Africa

In the Fourth instalment of our African series and episode number Thirty we will be chatting with Will Clark. Will is the founder of the Mount Elgon XC & Enduro MTB Race. We chat to him regarding living in Uganda, his local trails, organising an XC & Enduro Race and mountain biking in general. Will also gives us an exclusive on an exciting new Mtb venture he started at the beginning of the year.

Will is originally from the UK but has been living in Uganda for around ten years. He didn’t get into mountain biking until he lived in Uganda while managing a white water rafting business, but once he got that downhill bug he was hooked. Will has really taken his love of mountain biking to the next level by holding a race weekend since 2011. Will also has a couple of other business on the go but his new venture is all based on mountain biking. We will get into that and a load of other cool stuff happening in Uganda.

Find Out:

  • What the trails are like in Uganda
  • Why Will loves living in East Africa
  • How Will first got into mountain biking
  • What wildlife to watch out for while riding in Uganda
  • Why Will started an XC & Enduro Race
  • How Will helps the community by employing local people and how that helps
  • What the race entree fee goes towards
  • What facilities are available for the racers
  • About Will’s other business
  • The exciting new venture Will is starting regarding mountain biking in the new year
  • Why East Africa needs to be on your bucket list


Will has created an awesome lifestyle for himself in Uganda. After chatting with Will it was obvious he is in love with Uganda and will probably never leave. He is the co.owner of a white water rafting adventure company and an absolutely beautiful lodge for staying guests. Check out the links below and you will see what I mean. After managing and organising adventure holidays for over 10 years Will got into mountain biking and has never looked back. This now seems to be his passion and has already made plans to start a new venture with mountain biking being the main focus.

Will knows what he likes and knows what he is passionate about and has focussed a large amount of his energy into starting this new venture. Will has years of experience in the guiding world and he knows how to organise a great adventure holiday so I can only believe that his new venture will also have the same level of experience and professionalism. What I loved about talking to Will was the fact that he went out to Uganda and from a humble beginning has build a successful lifestyle around doing what he is passionate about and in love with. And this defiantly comes across in the podcast.

So please take some time out of your busy day, put your feet up and listen to Will’s story. You will also find out what Will’s new mountain bike based venture is!!

Thanks for being here. Enjoy!!


To Connect with Will:

Facebook: mountelgonbikerace

Instagram: outdoor_will


Resources in this Episode:

Clarke Expeditions

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Instagram: clarkexpeditions


Nalubale Rafting

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Twitter: nalubalerafting


Sipi River Lodge

Website: sipiriverlodge.com

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Trip Advisor: Reviews Sipi River Lodge


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Thanks so much to Will for being a guest on the podcast and taking time out of his busy work schedule to be with us.

Thanks for Listening and being involved!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!