032 – How To Race, Win And Have Fun with J-MAC

032 – How To Race, Win And Have Fun with J-MAC

Todays Guest

J-Mac (James MacFerran) – We chat about racing MotoX, Mtb and how J-Mac has had so many great results.

In this weeks episode number Thirty Two we are chatting to the legend who is J-Mac. J-Mac has come over from MotoX to mountain biking and has been riding at full speed since day one. We chat about how J-Mac got into MotoX and why he decided to move to mountain biking. We talk about how he feels riding MotoX gives you a real advantage when riding mountain bikes and helping with your overall fitness.

J-Mac is a man of experience on the racing scene and has had awesome results over the years to prove it. We chat about his killer results on the Irish Downhill Points Series, how he approaches the race (this may surprise you), how the Red Bull Fox Hunt has eluded him so far and what he plans to do about it for 2018. J-Mac also has some funny stories to tell us!

Find Out

  • How J-Mac started MotoX
  • How J-Mac won the B Irish MotoX Championship
  • Why J-Mac got into racing Monster Mini’s
  • How he ended up being British Mini 4 GB Champion
  • Why J-Mac turned his talents to mountain biking
  • Who J-Mac was riding with at this time
  • What the mountain bike scene was like at this time
  • What results J-Mac has achieved over the last few years
  • Why he loves the Red Bull Fox Hunt crowded start line
  • How J-Mac started racing for Cycleology
  • What bikes J-Mac will be racing this season
  • J-Mac’s favourite piece of kit
  • Some funny stories
  • J-Mac’s goals for 2018


I love J-Mac’s attitude to his racing and his results. He has a different and refreshing approach, but most of all, he loves and enjoys everything about mountain biking and what it brings to his life. J-Mac talks about the awesome community that has grown up around mountain biking and how back in the day, that was a major reason why he got so passionate about racing. J-Mac recalls a story of when he was still a rookie and couldn’t believe how friendly his racing competitors were. Mr Glyn O’Brien even helped J-Mac out with line choice. What a legend!

We chat to J-Mac about his training schedule and how he prepares for the racing season and in ultimate J-Mac fashion, does this very different than most. J-Mac now races for the Cycleology Team from Armagh. I had a great chat with Alistair, the owner of Cycleology a few weeks ago and I can see how J-Mac would fit in that team very well. The Cycleology store is fantastic and carries a load of great brands, I was super surprized by the deep range of stock they carry. Go check it out (links below). I also had a chat with Tony from Cycleology. Tony is the race team manager and has no doubt that J-Mac is fast, super fast to be honest. It will be great to see what J-Mac achieves this season.

Tune in and check out J-Mac’s story. It’s a good one!


To Connect with J-Mac

Facebook: james.m.ferran

Instagram: jmac_49


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Cycleology Website: www.cycleologyni.com

Cycleology Facebook: MTBbyCycleology

Cycleology Instagram: mtbbycycleology


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Thanks so much to J-Mac for coming on the show and sharing his story.

And thank you for your input and for Listening.

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!