033 – Cloughmor Extreme Adventure & Mud Monkeys MTB With Killian Byrne

033 – Cloughmor Extreme Adventure & Mud Monkeys MTB With Killian Byrne

Todays Guest

Killian Byrne Founder and Owner of Cloughmor Extreme Adventure

Do you need to brush up on your MTB skills or do you simply want to hire a mountain bike to cycle round Rostrevor Mountain Bike Trails? Well Killian, founder and owner of Cloughmor Extreme Adventure can help you out. Killian started the business around six years ago and it has grown from strength to strength. He caters for a tone of activities but it all started from a mountain bike guiding service and has evolved from there.

Killian has done plenty within the mountain biking scene and has been riding bikes for 18 plus years. Killian has a background with loads of experience in the adventure world and with his want to be more entrepreneurial, he stepped outside his comfort zone, took a leap of faith and started his own business doing something he loved. That has grown into a great local success story called Cloughmor Extreme Adventure. Have a listen and find out how Killian made it happen.

Find Out

  • How Cloughmor Extreme Adventure got started
  • How it evolved from a mountain bike guiding background
  • Where they operate from
  • What activities they offer (there is a lot!)
  • What equipment they hire including a mountain bike skills course
  • What their most popular activity is
  • Their kids mountain bike camp called Mud Monkeys
  • When and where this is run and how much it costs
  • Why Killian and Cloughmor Extreme Adventure have seen an increase in female mountain bikers
  • Future plans for Cloughmor Extreme Adventure


It was great to get Killian on the show and chat about his company. Killian works super hard at building the business and even though an adventure company in Ireland may seem very seasonal, he never stops with the hard graph. Killian is always marketing, promoting and deciding how to make the business better for both his staff and his customers for the following season. This type of operation takes an amazing amount of organisation but Killian seems well up to the task. He is even planning on expanding the activities he offers in the near future, ultimately giving his customers what they want.

When we done the interview Killian was getting ready to receive his new batch of hire mountain bikes from Specialized. Killian is always updating his equipment and believes that this plays a large part in the success of his business. They have always the best of equipment to offer, this in turn giving the customer a better experience and more enjoyment overall.

The Mud Monkey kids mountain bike camp sounds great. Check out the social links below to find out more. Killian really enjoys getting kids out into the fresh air, enjoy the forest trails and experience mountain biking. A large percentage of the kids return and are weekly members, some even taking the sport further and trying their hand at racing. This is awesome to see as we do need to encourage young people to get involved and help this great sport of mountain biking continue to grow.

If you want to know more about the kids camp or simply what Cloughmor Extreme Adventure can offer you tune in and have a listen.


To Connect with Killian and Cloughmor Extreme Adventure

Website: cloughmorextreme.com


Instagram: extreme_adventures_ireland



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Thanks so much to Killian for coming on the show and telling us about his exciting company.

And cheers to you for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!