034 – Be Brave and Accomplish More with Sonya Looney

034 – Be Brave and Accomplish More with Sonya Looney

Todays Guest

Sonya Looney – Professional Endurance Racer, Podcaster, Public Speaker and an awesome motivator for living a better life.

Do you want to train better, race better, eat better and live better? If you want to be brave and do epic shit this is the episode for you. Sonya Looney does all of the above and tries to motivate everyone as she goes. I was stoked to get Sonya on the show not only because she is a very successful professional endurance racer, fellow podcaster and public speaker but because her message is so inspiring and she truly does want to help people live better and enjoy life to the full.

We are all so consumed today with work, social media and making ends meet that a lot of us don’t take the time to do what we love or spend time with people we love. Sonya has made changes throughout her life to be able to do what she loves and has not only made it work through the world of mountain biking but has also been very successful at it. Sonya tells us her story from how she started mountain biking, almost by chance to what epic races she has planned for the near future.

Find Out:

  • How Sonya got introduced to mountain biking
  • What is endurance racing
  • Where Sonya will be racing this season
  • What Sonya’s favourite races have been
  • How competitive endurance racing is
  • Why Sonya thinks people over train
  • How important it is to keep your training consistent
  • Why training is mental as well as physical
  • Injuries Sonya has had to deal with
  • How Sonya recovers and why she thinks this is overlooked
  • How Sonya stays motivated and mentally strong
  • Why Sonya started a plant based diet
  • The benefits Sonya feels a plant based diet gives you
  • Sonya’s exciting plans for the future


Sonya has great information on how to enjoy life and how to make a difference in this crazy, hectic world we live in. Sonya travels all over the planet attending endurance races throughout the season, competing and riding hundreds of miles per race. This is a hard schedule for anybody to stay competitive, keep motivated and charged 100% of the time. Sonya chats to us about how she achieves this through training, mind-set and the company she keeps. This lifestyle is not without its difficulties and Sonya is very open about the tuff times and the low times of motivation. Sonya bounces back every time and we chat about these times and how she achieves this.

We chat about how eating a plant based diet has helped Sonya not only in her daily life but her racing and training also. We discuss how a lot of athletes are changing to this way of thinking and the benefits this can give you. Sonya is super busy and has lots of projects running at the same time. We chat about how she manages these and fits them into her busy race schedule. Sonya truly is an inspiration and it was great to talk with her about everything she has going on and what to expect in the near future.

Tune-in, chill-out and get ready to be motivated.


To Connect with Sonya:

Website: www.sonyalooney.com

Podcast on iTunes: the-sonya-looney-show

Facebook: looneysonya

Instagram: looneysonya

YouTube: SonyaLooneyMTB

Plant Based Food Facebook Group: plantpoweredtribe


To Connect with Sonya’s New Brand – Moxy & Grit

Website: moxyandgrit.com

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Thanks so much to Sonya for taking the time to come on the show and tell us her story!

Thanks for listening Tribe. I thank you all!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!