035 – The Kijabe Enduro – Breaks, Smiles And Awesome Trails with Adam Davis

035 – The Kijabe Enduro – Breaks, Smiles And Awesome Trails with Adam Davis

Todays Guest

Adam Davis – We get an update from the first Kijabe Enduro in Kenya, East Africa

In todays episode number Thirty Five and our Fifth instalment of our African Series we have invited Adam Davis, founder and organiser of the Kijabe Enduro back to chat about how the race was received and how the weekend went. We had Adam on the show in episode Twenty Four (see below) to talk about organising his first enduro race and what riding was like in East Africa for a 16 year old kids form California, plus much more.

It was great to get Adam back on the show and fill us in on how the weekend went. It defiantly was a challenge and an eye opener for Adam in organising the enduro. With balancing school work and daily life challenges it was not easy. But with the help of Simon Blake, Adam got the job done and held a very well received weekend of racing.

Find Out

  • How the final days of preparation went
  • What unforeseen challenges Adam had to overcome
  • How the race weekend was received by the local community
  • How a local Media Company got involved
  • How the trails were received by the competitors
  • A review of the trails by the man who rides them everyday
  • What causality numbers were like. Both man and bike.
  • How the race fared on the financial side
  • What help Adam received from sponsors
  • If the race is going to run next year
  • How Adam and Simon ended up in a large Kenyan newspaper


Adam and Simon have worked very hard to make this enduro race happen and it is great to see how well it has been received. They had a great turnout for the weekend and the competitors got a real challenge from the Kijabe trails, with a few spills here and there but thankfully only one hospital visit. The weather held up for race weekend and the conditions were perfect, hot but perfect. The local cafes got a good trade from the racers and are thinking about sponsoring the event for next season. Even though Adam and Simon didn’t really approach sponsors for the race they were happy to receive a few prizes from a local company who were happy to help out.

Adam and Simon did a great job with the enduro and hopefully it will have the same if not more success next year. It is great to see these guys pushing the mountain bike scene in East Africa and I hope they get to see it making a huge difference in the near future.

Mountain biking in Kenya, East Africa is growing…get on-board and have a listen!


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Thanks so much to Adam for coming on the show and again and updating us on the Kijabe Enduro.

And thank you once again for Listening.

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!