036 – The Growth Of Nukeproof with Former Brand Manager Alastair Beckett

036 – The Growth Of Nukeproof with Former Brand Manager Alastair Beckett

Todays Guest

Alastair Beckett – Former Brand Manager for Nukeproof Bikes and Founder of Redburn Designs

It is my pleasure to have Alastair Beckett on the show for episode number Thirty Six. Alastair is a major reason why the bike brand Nukeproof is where it is today and has become so successful. Nukeproof dawns riders like world champion, Sam Hill and Kelan Grant, to name but a few. Alastair has not only been a driving force behind the design of the Nukeproof brand as Design Engineer but also took on the challenge of becoming Brand Manager. We chat to Alastair about the rise of Nukeproof, working for CRC (Chain Reaction Cycles) and a load more great stuff.

Alastair had shall we say, a slightly different route into the mountain bike industry. He has done everything from telesales to World Cup mechanic to brand designer and manager. As a young mountain biker and BMX rider he never really knew what he wanted to do as a career. But when a small mistake at school (this is awesome) made him make a very fast decision he quickly found a passion and a direction for a successful career all based round his love for mountain biking. Sorry, but you will have to listen to the podcast to hear about that school mistake!

Find Out:

  • How Alastair started mountain biking
  • How Alastair’s first ride on a mountain bike was actually in a race
  • That awesome school mistake!
  • The software that changed everything for Alastair
  • How Alastair started working for CRC (Chain Reaction Cycles)
  • Why his work trip to Morzine never happened
  • How Alastair feel into being a mechanic on the World Cup
  • Crazy jobs you do on a independent World Cup Team
  • How Alastair got the brand designer job at CRC
  • What Alastair’s first impressions were of the Nukeproof brand
  • How Alastair build the brand to what it is today
  • What the bike factories are like to work with
  • The drive and comment Alastair required to build Nukeproof to become a success
  • Alistair’s new venture in brand design, development and marketing
  • How to get in contact with Alastair


I loved chatting with Alastair and as a brand geek myself, I really needed another few hours with him! Alastair has had a very interesting path to were he is now and has some great stories to boot. I see within Alastair a very driven, intelligent and passionate individual who follows his heart and believes that life is for living. Even though Alastair has done awesome things at CRC and has helped build a brand from ground zero, to a brand that the world champion rides is a thing of fairy tails. But Alastair (with help) achieved just that. With all his success and knowledge in the industry Alastair is still very much down to earth, easy to talk to and really just like you and me.

I love that in a person.

Alastair’s new venture is just as exciting. He had decided to take all his knowledge and expertise in the brand and mountain bike environment and build his own company called Redburn Designs. While taking to Alastair regarding his new company, it is plain to see he has a real passion and flare for what he is now doing. He loves all aspects of the design and building environment and it just so happening it is in the mountain bike industry. The relationships Alastair has build up over the years, may it be with factories or suppliers is paramount. That along with his knowledge and passion is why Alastair is now in the perfect position to offer a first class tailored design and development solution for your brand.

Have you ever thought what it takes to develop, design, build and bring a brand to market so the likes of you and me can enjoy it? Well you will really enjoy this episode. Alastair takes us from start to finish of the re-launch of that killer brand called Nukeproof.


To Connect with Alastair:

Wesite: www.redburndesign.com

Facebook: redburndesign

Instagram: redburndesign

Twitter: Redburndesign


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Thanks so much to Alastair for taking the time to come on the show and tell us his story!

Thanks for listening. It’s awesome to have you here!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!