037 – Smile Be Happy and Enjoy The Ride with KellBellandBikes.com

037 – Smile Be Happy and Enjoy The Ride with KellBellandBikes.com


Todays Guest

Kelly-Jayne Emmerson – Talks about her very popular mountain bike blog called KellBellandBikes.com

On episode Thirty Seven it is my pleasure to have Kelly-Jayne Emmerson on the show. Kelly or Kell as she is best known has been mountain biking for three years and has already started an exciting and interesting mountain bike blog called KellBellandBikes.com. She is also an ambassador for many top end brands including Morvelo Clothing and Cotic Bikes. We chat to Kell about how she accidently started mountain biking, how she got hooked on her first ride and how that has lead to a mountain bike lifestyle she is very happy with.

Kell’s background is not in blogging or in mountain biking but because of a love and passion for mountain biking she has stepped outside of her comfort zone and made both work towards the lifestyle she wants. Kell works hard on her blog and publishes a new article each week. Each article is packed full of information and really gets you stoked to get out on your bike. Kell’s blog is very much written in her own style and it really works. Her love, joy and happiness for mountain biking really comes across. And lets not forget about Bell, Kell’s trail dog. Bell is a large part of the blog and can get recognised before Kell at times when they are both on the trail. We chat about this plus much more.

Find Out:

  • How Kell accidently started mountain biking
  • How long it took Kell to get stoked on mountain biking
  • The first bike Kell owned
  • Why Kell’s first two bikes were lady pacific
  • When Kell started her blog and why
  • Why Kell enjoys writing her blog so much
  • Awesome places Kell has visited
  • Kell’s European mountain bike trip in a van for a month
  • How Bell became a trail dog and how cool she is
  • How Kell became an ambassador for so many cool brands
  • Kell’s tips to becoming an ambassador
  • Kell’s tips for ladies starting out in mountain biking
  • Future plans for her blog and more this summer


It was awesome having Kell on the show. She is super passionate and enthusiastic about mountain biking. She always has a smile (don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram kelljmae) and a great story to tell. When talking with Kell is clear to see how mountain biking has changed not only her life but her direction in life. I always love hearing stories about people who have found a real passion and decide to follow that passion or follow those dreams and live a better lifestyle because of it. Mountain biking is one of these interests that can totally sink its hooks in and give you a passion for life and getting out in nature. Kell has found this out first hand.

Kell wasn’t into sport before she started mountain biking. She spend to many days behind a computer and by herself. With the help of the awesome social network surrounding mountain biking Kell soon got up from the deck and got onto the bike. She has never turned back. Kell and seen the number of ladies riding on the trails increase over the last few years and thinks that this will only get larger. Kell has some great information about getting involved in mountain biking as a female and how she feels this is happening more and more due to club involvement.

I really enjoyed chatting with Kell and if you want to get stoked and get out on the trails this is the episode for you.



How to Connect with Kell:

Website: kellbellandbikes.com

Instagram: kelljmae


Kell is an ambassador for the below brands:

Morvelo Clothing

Cotic Bikes








Cane Creek


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Thanks so much to Kell for coming on the show and sharing her story!

Thanks for listening and getting involved!

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