039 – Cranked Magazine – Keeping Us Stoked For The Trails

039 – Cranked Magazine – Keeping Us Stoked For The Trails


Todays Guest

Seb Rogers – Founder, Owner and Editor of Cranked Magazine

I am really pleased to welcome our first magazine on the show for episode number Thirty Nine. Today we are chatting with Seb Rogers, Founder, Owner and Editor of Cranked Magazine. If you have never got your hands on a copy of Cranked you are missing out. It is a bumper mountain bike magazine, almost a coffee table book and as Seb likes to put it, ‘It’s intentionally different’. We chat about how Cranked came to life, why it is different and why it has been such a success. 

If you like great stories, awesome images, articles to get you on your bike, quality paper and a magazine that you will want to keep, this is the one for you. Cranked is not full of adverts or product reviews and this is intentional. Seb did not want Cranked to be just another mountain bike magazine full of adverts so he put a percentage limit on ads throughout the content of the mag. Seb also decided not to do product reviews as he believes this causes a conflict of interest in all types of areas and to be honest it is a breath of fresh air not getting blasted by review after review. We chat about how Seb funded the magazine and basically had the magazine validated in four and a half hours.

Find Out:

  • Why Seb wanted to start his own mountain bike magazine
  • How Cranked went from idea to product
  • How Seb decided to fund the magazine
  • Why Cranked Magazine is different from other mountain bike magazines
  • The Cranked team
  • How Cranked works with contributors
  • What you need to do if you want published in Cranked
  • The type of articles and stories Seb looks for when gathering content
  • How Seb used to package the subscriber issues on his living room floor
  • The growth Cranked has experienced over the last year
  • Seb’s favourite interview to date
  • How Seb and Cranked like to do interviews
  • What Cranked costs and why
  • How and where you can buy Cranked
  • How to follow Cranked and get in touch


It was awesome to chat with Seb and get an idea into how the whole magazine industry works, especially when Cranked is a UK based independent magazine. Seb tells us how the magazine is packed and shipped and how much work, dedication and effort that is required in todays world to produce a magazine. Seb is super passionate about Cranked and when chatting to him about motivation and how he keeps going, he says with the content and stories the magazine is covering he believes he will never not be motivated. It’s the interesting stories and people that keep Seb motivated and I really think this comes across in the magazine from the quality of the paper to the intentionally different content.

Seb is such an interesting guy and has been in the mountain bike industry since 1996. He has a lot of knowledge within the mountain bike magazine scene and knows the correct people and contributors to help him get the magazine to print. I think that is one of the main reasons why Cranked is so good. The stories and images are all top notch and you find yourself returning and reading curtain articles again and again. So do yourself a favour, put your feet up, listen to the podcast and then treat yourself to a copy of Cranked magazine, you wont regret it.


To Connect with Cranked & Seb:

Website: www.cranked.cc

Facebook: crankedmtb

Instagram: crankedbikemag

Twitter: crankedmag


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Thanks so much to Seb for taking the time out of his busy day to come on the show and tell us his story!

Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to grab your free tee shirt!

It’s awesome to have you here!

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