040 – How To Make Your Mtb Passion Your Business with Flare Clothing

040 – How To Make Your Mtb Passion Your Business with Flare Clothing

Todays Guest

Founder and Owner of Mtb Apparel Brand Flare Clothing – Hannah Myers

On episode Forty it is great to get Hannah, Founder and Owner of Flare Clothing on the show. Hannah started Flare Clothing in 2013 and the brand has went from strength to strength, even winning the Total Women’s Cycling Award for ‘Best Mountain Bike Clothing 2016’. This was no mean feet taking on the big players such as Fox etc.. Hannah introduced a Men’s range in 2014 and used a Kick Starter Campaign to help fund this. We chat about how Hannah started Flare with the help of her Masters Degree to how Flare has grown to a full time lifestyle business.

Hannah has thrown her heart and soul into the creation of Flare Clothing and it shows. Flare’s product range is great, has depth and has everything you need to get on the trails. Hannah is a one man band and has the responsibility of designing the products to working with the manufacturers to designing the website to posting product to customers and everything in between. This has grown into Hannah’s full time gig, we chat about the time it takes, the motivation it requires and how Hannah still doesn’t see herself as an entrepreneur, plus loads more.

Find Out:

  • Why Hannah felt there was a need for Flare Clothing
  • How Flare was started off the back of a University Masters Degree
  • How Kick Starter help fund Flare’s Men’s Range
  • How Flare beat the likes of Fox Clothing to win a Mtb clothing award
  • Why Hannah changed from a UK manufacturer
  • The way Hannah designs products for upcoming seasons
  • The relationship required between Hannah and her suppliers
  • How Hannah works out the retail price we pay for Flare products
  • The time Hannah spends running Flare Clothing
  • How to become an ambassador for Flare Clothing
  • What you as an ambassador does to help the brand grow
  • How to purchase Flare clothing and why selling at events helps
  • How to keep in touch with what Flare are doing and what’s happening in the future


I loved my chat with Hannah. It is so interesting to find out how a home grown UK brand was started, how it is doing and the idea behind the brand. Hannah has certainly made Flare work through her creativity, discipline and passion and has carried this into the brands design and focus. Hannah never stops and we have a good chat about how Hannah manages her time between social media posts to checking out new materials for upcoming product. It’s not easy having everything on your shoulders but Hannah seems to have this dialled in and seems to have a nice life/work balance and still has the love and passion for the brand.

Hannah talks us through the process of getting a brand from design to a sell able product. We delve into the world of manufacturing and the network of people you need to help this happen including a good agent and a number of professional factories. It is really a good insight into how a brand makes it from an idea on paper to a product being used on the trails. We chat about stock quantities, how to get this right and how factories help with new materials for your gear plus much more.

Tune in and find out more about how that jersey has made it onto your back with Hannah and Flare Clothing.


To Connect with Hannah & Flare Clothing:

Wesite: flareclothingco.com

Instagram: flareclothingco

Facebook: flareclothingcompany

Twitter: seeflareco

Hannah’s Instagram: seehannah


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Thanks so much to Hannah for taking the time out of her busy day to come on the show and tell us the Flare story!

Thanks for listening and thanks for being here, I hope you enjoyed it!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!