041 – Wolf Girl Mtb – Vlogging, Blogging and Living The Dream

041 – Wolf Girl Mtb – Vlogging, Blogging and Living The Dream

Todays Guest

Amanda Dexter – Wolf Girl Mtb Blogger and Wolfpack Adventures YouTube Vlogger

For episode Forty One it is great to get Amanda Dexter, the face behind the super popular Instagram page Wolf.Girl.Mtb. I hooked up with Amanda while she was on her European trip chasing the EWS and World Cup. Amanda and her boyfriend Alex have totally changed their life’s to chase the dream of mountain biking and van life. This was not an easy move from full time work and a steady income, to taking the leap to working remotely and traveling in a motorhome around Europe. We chat about the highs and lows of such a massive lifestyle change, how Amanda struggled at first, how she feels about it now and how it has been going so far.

Amanda has lived a pretty mobile life since being a kid. From being born in America to moving and living in Africa, so living on the road seems to be second nature for Amanda but it still comes with its challenges. Amanda has also stepped into the YouTube world with her new channel Wolfpack Adventures, filming her adventures on the road around Europe with Alex and her wolf, Kia. He’s not actually a wolf but he looks like one! We chat about why Amanda and Alex started a YouTube channel and what they feel is the end goal for the channel. We chat about riding bikes, racing enduro, living on the road, sponsorship and parking in the wrong places.

Find Out:

  • Why Amanda wanted to start mountain biking
  • How long Amanda has been mountain biking
  • Why Amanda started her Instagram page and blog
  • How the idea came about to buy a motorhome, leave work and travel Europe
  • How their first motorhome purchase went badly wrong (thanks mum for sorting this!)
  • Why Amanda and Alex decided to move into the YouTube world
  • How their new YouTube channel, Wolfpack Adventures has been going
  • Where Amanda and Alex have visited so far on their European adventure
  • How Amanda got Kai and taught him to be an awesome trail dog
  • How following the EWS and World Cup has been
  • How Amanda got on in her first enduro race
  • About sponsorship
  • Future plans for their European adventure
  • Future plans for Wolfpack Adventures
  • How to follow and get in contact with Amanda, Alex and Kai’s future adventures


Amanda has some great advice on travelling and chasing your dreams for that thrill of getting on two wheels on your own time schedule. Amanda and Alex are prof that it is possible to live and follow your dreams if you are really passionate about it. And that is one thing that came across while chatting with Amanda. Her and Alex are really passionate and totally in love with mountain biking and I think you need to be to do what Amanda and Alex are doing. It is crazy if you think about it, mountain biking has totally changed Amanda’s and Alex’s life. They gave up their jobs, gave up their flat and income security just to ride bikes. That is how strong their passion is for the love of mountain biking. Awesome or what?

We also have a great chat about skills training, pump tracks and how Amanda practises her skills and how this may be a different technique from how you may do it. It’s a pretty good idea actually, and I will be trying it in the near future. We chat about the skill Amanda desperately wants to master and is on her bucket list to achieve as soon as possible. Amanda fills us in on what the future plans are for the Wolfpack Adventures Channel and where they plan to travel over the next few months, plus funny stories and much more.


To connect with Amanda and the Wolfpack Adventures:

Website: wolfgirlmtb.com

Instagram: wolf.girl.mtb

Youtube: Wolfpack Adventures














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Thanks so much to Amanda for coming on the show and sharing her adventures!

Thanks for listening and thanks for being here, I hope you enjoyed it!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!