042 – Emerald MTB Talks About Mountain Biking In Ireland


042 – Emerald MTB Talks About Mountain Biking In Ireland

Todays Guest

Founder of the Irish blog Emerald MTB, awesome mountain biker and all round great guy – Owen Franssen

On episode Forty Two we are chatting to Owen Franssen about his Irish based blog called Emerald MTB, riding bikes, the state of mountain biking in Ireland and how he won a free entry to the Davagh Enduro!

Its funny how things work out at times. I knew of Emerald MTB, I used their great race calendar resource, read their blog and watched their video’s, but I never really knew of the guy behind it all. That was until he won a competition I was running on the podcast to win a free entry to the Davagh Enduro being held at the end of June. After Owen won the competition we got chatting via email and it dawned on me who he was. Boom! what a stroke of luck. One thing lead to another and he agreed to come on the show.

I was stoked to get Owen on the show because I not only wanted to find out more about his Emerald MTB blog but also, I knew he would be a great guy to chat to regarding mountain biking in Ireland as that is what the content of his blog relates too. I wanted to find out a little more about the scene in Ireland and how healthy he felt mountain biking was and how it is looking for the future. I also chat to Owen about how he got interested in mountain biking, what his local trails are like, why he started the blog, products he has reviewed for the blog, his awesome race events calendar and much much more.

Find Out:

  • Why Owen started mountain biking back in the 90’s
  • What the Irish scene was like then
  • What his local trails are like
  • The area’s Owen has visited on biking travels
  • Why he wants a Santa Cruz Hightower LT
  • Owen’s favourite piece of kit he is using
  • Why Owen started the blog
  • How Owen gets content for the blog
  • What Owen thinks the health of mountain biking in Ireland is like
  • Why Owen thinks it has become so popular
  • What the future is like for mountain biking in Ireland
  • What Owen’s future plans are for the blog
  • How to get in contact with Owen and Emerald MTB


It was great to get Owen on the show and chat about all things mountain biking in Ireland. It is an exciting time for not just mountain biking but also mountain biking in Ireland. We have so many great trails and facilities popping up that todays youth have no excuse to get on there and build on their skills. We chat a little about how awesome it is to see guys like Kelan Grant and Greg Callaghan preforming on the professional stage and flying the flag and showing we have the talent levels here, we just need to filter that down to the young kids with an interest in taking their mountain bike passion to the next level. And Owen believes this is something that can be achieved.

Owen has future plans set in place for the Emerald MTB blog and it is great to see. It is a great independent resource representing the mountain biking scene in Ireland. Owen has no plans of slowing the blog down and even though it is time consuming, Owen intends with a little help, to hopefully see it grow and expand in the near future. So if you feel you can lend a helping hand why not get in touch, I am sure Owen would be keen to see what you can offer. It’s a great resource and its great to have it in Ireland.


To Connect with Owen and Emerald MTB:

Website: emerald-mtb.com

Facebook: emeraldmtb

Instagram: emerald_mtb

Twitter: emerald_mtb

YouTube: emeraldmtb


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Thanks so much to Owen for being a guest on the podcast and taking time out of his busy work schedule to be with us.

Thanks for Listening and being involved!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!