044 – Be Your Best with MTB Marathon National Champion Tom Bell

044 – Be Your Best with MTB Marathon National Champion Tom Bell

Todays Guest

Tom Bell – Professional XC Racer, MTB Marathon National Champion, Coach and much more.

It’s episode number Forty Four and we are chatting to Professional XC Racer Tom Bell. Tom is well known in the XC circuit for constantly being on the top podium. Tom is a super cool guy and I am super stoked to get him on the podcast. Actually a funny story here. Before I started the MTB TRIBE Podcast I used to listen to a podcast called Mountain Bikes Apart, which has sadly since ended. The podcast was hosted by two guys, one of which was Tom. I loved Tom’s input about his training and racing and being on the road. It didn’t dawn on me that that was Tom until he mentioned it in our correspondence and that he was the co-host on Mountain Bikes Apart. So needless to say I am very happy to get Tom on the show.

Tom chats to us about his racing career, being the current MTB Marathon National Champion, his coaching business, racing and representing Great Britain at the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships. Plus much more about how you can best race XC.

Find Out:

  • How Tom got interested in mountain biking
  • What Tom’s first bike was
  • How Tom’s racing has been going this season
  • What the XC scene is really like
  • What it is like racing the UCI and World Cup events
  • How he won the Manx 100 race in 2017
  • What it is like racing 100 miles
  • Why coaching is important and the advantages it can give you
  • What coaching packages Tom has to offer you
  • Why Tom loves coaching so much
  • What bike Tom rides
  • What piece of kit Tom wants
  • How to find out more about Tom and how he can make you a better rider


Tom has so much knowledge in racing and training that I really needed another two hours to cover everything I wanted to chat to him about. Between his racing career and running his business he really has a full time schedule and balancing it must take a lot of work. But Tom seems to have the work and play balance well sorted and enjoys every minute of it. Tom gets a real kick out of coaching and is building a great foundation to concentrate and continue with this when his racing career is over.

We chat about how coaching can help everybody in some form or another and why you should look at a coaching plan for yourself if you want to improve your riding, fitness or skills. Tom has a number of different packages to suit all types of rider and he has the testimonials to back up their success. We also chat about his awesome XC career, how he stays at such a high level, keeps motivated and enjoys what he does. We also chat about his past successes, what it was like to win the Manx 100 race last year and how he plans on defending it this year. We chat marathon racing, how difficult it is and what representing Great Britain was like at the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships.

Tom is a top competitor and if you want to hear some of the reasons why and how you can be too, take a listen!


To Connect with Tom:

Website: tombell.co

Instagram: tombellco

YouTube: tombellathlete

Strava: tombell


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Thanks so much to Tom for taking the time to come on the show and tell us how to race at a high level!

Thanks for listening Tribe. I thank you all!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!