045 – Challenge Yourself with the Manx 100 National Marathon Championships

045 – Challenge Yourself with the Manx 100 National Marathon Championships

Todays Guest

Nigel Morris – Founder and Organiser of the Manx 100 Ultra National Marathon Championships

It is my pleasure to have Nigel Morris on the podcast for episode number Forty Five. Nigel joined me from his phone in the airport waiting to catch a flight home to the Isle Of Man where the Manx 100 is held. If you want to challenge yourself to the fullest and push your limits this is the race for you. I chat to Nigel about how the race was first envisioned, where the idea came from and how he has built it over the years to because a top class event.

If you listened to last weeks episode with Tom Bell who won the race last year, you will know how challenging the Manx 100 really is. But Nigel and his crew didn’t set the race up to be easy, that was not the point. It is purposely difficult. We chat about why they made the race 100 Miles in distance and why over the years they have introduced different categories. We chat about why the Isle Of Man is the perfect setting for such an event, how they use the same grandstand as the TT and why the trails in the Isle Of Man are so good. Plus much more.

Find Out:

  • Why Nigel started the Manx 100
  • What the trails are like in the Isle Of Man
  • Why the race is 100 miles in length
  • How and when to resister
  • How much is costs to enter
  • What facilities are available to the riders
  • What freebee’s you get for entering the race
  • How local sponsors help the event
  • How the event uses the grandstand from the TT
  • How the timing system works
  • Why the marshals are so important to such a long race
  • What Nigel’s many jobs are on the day of the event
  • Why the event has such a great atmosphere
  • How you can find out more of what’s happening on race day
  • How to get involved for next years event


The Manx 100 is held in the last weekend of July every year. This year that is the 29th. There are so many sporting events held in the Isle Of Man that it is a fine juggling act to get everything fitted in. Nigel and his team never stop the organisation process for the event. Once one event ends, its straight back onto the organisation for the following year. It really has to be a passion of love. Talking with Nigel, he’s really not sure why he enjoys the long hours and dedication that goes into making an event like this work. All he knows is he really enjoys it and that is enough for him. Isn’t the mountain bike scene lucky to have guys like Nigel involved.

Nigel likes to get rider feedback and takes all he hears into consideration for making the experience as good as he can. And when possible he will employment those changes for the following years event. Nigel and the riders see this as much as an adventure as a race. The course is so varied with different terrain, different skills required and with the beautiful countryside and scenery its not easy to see why. The event has grown in size every year and I am sure will continue to do so for many years to come.

So have a listen and find out what it takes to organise an event like the Manx 100 and if you are interested in pushing yourself to the limit, testing your mind and body, why not start at the Manx 100. If all else fails, there is a nice beach to get a coffee.


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Thanks to Nigel for taking the time to come on the show and tell us about the awesome Manx 100!

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed the show.

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast!