047 – How To Convert A Van For MTB and Life Adventures

047 – How To Convert A Van For MTB and Life Adventures

Todays Guest:

Trent & Allie from their YouTube channel are chatting about everything that goes into converting a van for Mtb and road adventures. We chat time, cost, frustration. All the good stuff that you will encounter if you wish to do the same.

On episode number Forty Seven we are welcoming back Trent and Allie from their YouTube channel Trent & Allie, Aka TNT MTB. I first had Trent and Allie on the show way back on episode 4! (Listen Here) We were talking about their YouTube channel and mountain biking, among other great stuff. Well since that time a lot has changed including the name of their channel, which is now simply Trent & Allie.  We chat about why they changed the name of their YouTube channel and the direction and focus it is moving into the future.

When I first had Trent and Allie on the show they had just finished their first van conversion, but since then they have sold that and just completed their second build with no expense spared. So I thought it was a good time to get them back on the show and take us through the process of converting a van into a full-time liveable space. We chat about the reasons behind this new build, where the ideas came from, what they were doing differently from the first build, cost, time and why Trent was lying below the van in the snow installing a portable toilet. It gets messy!

Find Out:

  • Why Trent and Allie changed the name of their YouTube channel
  • Why they decided to convert another van
  • What their plans are for the van
  • What they wanted to do differently from their first build
  • The lowest part of the build
  • The motivation it requires to carry out such an undertaking
  • How they got the ideas for the conversion
  • How long the process took from start to finish
  • How much the complete conversion cost
  • Why there was no expense spared
  • How Trent manages to do this without any experience
  • Would they do it again
  • Top tips if you want to convert your van
  • Future plans for themselves and their channel


I was excited to get Trent and Allie back on the show and catch up with their adventures. They are both awesome people but an even better team. We chat about what they have been up to over the last 10 months and how their lives have changed. We chat about their mountain biking over the winter months and about their new bikes and gear. I was keen to hear what Trent thought about his new Yeti! We talk about Utah, where Trent and Allie live and if they have noticed any growth in the mountain bike community. Trent works in a local mountain bike store so it was good to get his insight. Trent and Allie plan on doing a load more travelling in their new van so we chat about future plans and where they are hoping to visit and ride.

I know Trent and Allie worked really hard on their new van conversion and it shows. The finished product is pretty amazing and completed by two people who have only done this once before with no experience, general tools and no work shop. We chat about the highs and lows of taking on such a project, and the main reasons why you would want to do this rather than say, buying a motorhome. We chat about the knowledge you will need to learn in order to complete such a build, from installing electric to a warm water shower to a garage for your bikes. It’s not easy but it is well worth it.

We chat about the cost involved not only from a monetary stand point but also a time stand point. Trent and Allie are very open about what the build took out of them. Not only from their pockets but also mentally and psychically. This is a tough thing to do, especially over a cold Utah winter, but they came through it with a great looking new home to share all their future adventures in.

So if you are looking at converting a van then this is a must listen. Oh, and we also find out why Trent was lying in the snow below the van installing a toilet. When doing your own conversion, try not to do that!


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Thanks so much to Trent and Allie for coming on the show for the second time and taking us inside their lives of YouTube, van converting and mountain biking.

Thanks for Listening and being involved!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!