048 – Need Energy? Get Chia Charged For The Trails

048 – Need Energy? Get Chia Charged For The Trails

Todays Guest

Tim Taylor – Owner and Founder of sports nutrition company Chia Charge.

On episode number Forty Eight it is my pleasure to have Tim Taylor on the show, the man behind the better tasting and better performing sports nutrition company Chia Charge.

I was asked to get Tim on the show by Nigel Morris, the man behind the very popular Manx 100 Endurance Race held in the Isle Of Man. Nigel uses Tim’s product and simply wanted to know more about the Chia Charge story. When I reached out to Tim about coming on the show he was super keen to get on and share the story of Chia Charge, what they do and why their product is that little bit different.

After doing research into Chia Charge and the different products they offer I was very happy to see quite a few vegan options (if you didn’t know, I am vegan so this sold it for me!). Chia Charge has a great range of products, fun website and really seem to enjoy what they are doing.

I chat with Tim about how it all started and why he wanted to enter a very competitive sports nutrition industry. We also talk about what is involved in building a sports nutrition company, what ingredients they use, how Chia Charge helps you perform better and what products best suits your needs, plus loads more.

Find Out:

  • Why Tim started Chia Charge
  • Why Chia Charge is different
  • What ingredients Chia Charge use
  • What different products they produce
  • Where Chia Charge products are made
  • What is the best product for you
  • When to consume Chia Charge when you are thinking of going for a ride
  • Why Chia seeds are a major ingredient
  • Why Chia seeds are so good for you and are known as a super food
  • Why Tim gives 1% of his turnover to 1% For The Planet
  • Where you can buy Chia Charge
  • What Tim has planned for the future of Chia Charge


It was great to get Tim on the show and chat about his product. Chia Charge is the first nutrition brand we have had on the podcast and it was great to get some insight into this exciting and ever growing market. I always find it interesting that people use so many of these energy enhancing products. I have never been converted but that may be because I am a vegan and there is just not a great range of options out there for me to chose from except my trusted stash of bananas. But that has changed. Tim has introduced a solid list of vegan products to his range. We chat about this and if it was a conscious effort to introduce vegan products or if it was because of customer demand.

We get into the ingredients that Chia Charge use and why they decided to use Chia Seeds as their main element to their products. We chat about why this seed is so good for you and why it is known as a super food. We chat about the different products they produce and what is the best option for you. We also chat about when is the best time to consume their products, before or during your ride. Tim tells us how using their product can help you perform and stay at the top of your game and not get that dive in sugar levels.

There is a lot involved in producing a sports nutrition product. Everything from ingredients, to production, to marketing, to packaging. It is a huge undertaking and demands 100% commitment. We chat to Tim about this and much more, so tune in and find out what goes into that energy bar you carry up the mountain with you.


To Connect with Tim and Chia Charge:

Website: www.chiacharge.co.uk

Instagram: chiacharge

Facebook: chiacharge

Twitter: chiacharge

YouTube: chiacharge


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Thanks so much to Tim for being a guest on the podcast and taking time out of his busy work schedule to be with us.


Thanks for Listening and being involved!

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