049 – Follow Your Dreams with Rhythm And Bikes

049 – Follow Your Dreams with Rhythm And Bikes

Todays Guest

Jez and Bruno – Founders and Owners of Rhythm And Bikes Bicycle Repair Shop

Today on episode number Forty Nine we are chatting with Jez and Bruno about their relatively new business venture, Rhythm And Bikes Bicycle Repair Shop. I was put in touch with Jez and Bruno by Tom, founder of Broken Riders who I had on the show in Episode #38.

I was keen to get them on the show and tell their story because it is an example of the power in following your passions and doing something in life that you enjoy. Jez and Bruno gathered up their courage a few months ago and decided to take the leap and open their own bicycle repair shop, following a life long passion of riding and working on bikes. We chat to them about where the idea came from, what made them take that scary leap of faith, how they find being their own boss, what maintenance packages they offer and much more.

Find Out:

  • Why Jez and Bruno decided to follow their dreams and open a bicycle repair shop
  • What Jez and Bruno where doing before opening Rhythm and Bikes
  • How they came to the decision to become their own boss
  • Who made the decision to open the shop
  • What the MTB scene is like in their area
  • Is there any up and coming young rippers in their local area
  • What help they received from local riders when opening the shop
  • What they love the most about owning their own shop
  • What maintenance packages Rhythm and Bikes offer
  • Their tip on how best to maintain your own bike
  • How Rhythm and Bikes can help you
  • How to get in contact


I love chatting to people like Jez and Bruno. People who have taken that leap of faith to follow their passions and dreams, and Jez and Bruno have done just that. When they made the choice to jump into being their own boss and making their own business decisions, they went full power a-head. And so far it has worked. The bike maintenance part of mountain biking or any biking has seen a large increase over the last number of years. We chat about this and if it was one of the reasons why Jez and Bruno decided to open their shop.

Jez and Bruno have a really keen passion for bike maintenance and it really comes across when talking with them. They put their heart and soul into their business and really enjoy seeing a customer leave the shop with a smile on their face. Customer care rates high on their list of things to achieve and they know that word of mouth through their local scene means a lot of returning customers. The MTB scene in their area is alive and well and Jez and Bruno plan on keeping it that way. They have seen a steady increase in their customer base and believe that encouraging young people into the sport of mountain biking is of the upmost importance. We chat about this and why they believe it is so important.

Rhythm and Bikes offer a wide range of different repair packages from a check and tune to a full build and they are happy to chat with you and find out your best requirements. We chat about this, repair turnover, and how you know when your bike needs a professional check-up, plus much more. So tune in and check out how Jez and Bruno can help you and your bike run smoother on the trails.


To Connect with Jez and Bruno at Rhythm and Bikes:

Website: www.rhythmandbikes.co.uk

Instagram: rhythmandbikes

Facebook: rhythmandbikes


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Thanks to Jez and Bruno for coming on the show and sharing their exciting new venture and story!

Thanks for listening and getting involved!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!