051 – Why Going To The Gym Makes You A Better Mountain Biker with The Strength Factory

051 – Why Going To The Gym Makes You A Better Mountain Biker with The Strength Factory

Todays Guest

Ben Plenge – Owner and Founder of The Strength Factory

On episode Fifty One it is great to be chatting with Ben Plenge the founder and owner of The Strength Factory. Ben has been involved in the fitness scene in one form or another for many years and when his career path changed he decided to combine his love for mountain biking with his fitness background.

The Strength Factory was quickly born and a few years down the line it was Ben’s full time job and passion. We chat with Ben about how this change happened and the challenges involved.

Ben offers a number of different fitness packages, everything from surfing to rock climbing. As Ben puts it, anything you can watch on Red Bull TV he can train you for. However, MTB is by far Ben’s most popular course and with his passion for the sport it is not hard to see why.

We chat about the courses Ben offers including in gym group classes, one-on-one classes and online courses. We get into the detail of why we all should be attending the gym and how it helps when you get out for that weekend ride. Plus loads more great information to help you ride stronger, faster and better.

Find Out:

  • Why Ben started The Strength Factory
  • The different programmes Ben offers
  • A typical day training with Ben
  • Why we all should attend the gym
  • Mountain bike specific exercises
  • The difference between high and low-rep training and what you should use
  • The amount of time you need to spend in the gym
  • Why all top athletes use the gym
  • How this can make you a better mountain biker
  • Best plan of action for a ‘weekend warrior’
  • How strength training can prevent injury and help with recovery
  • The future plans Ben has for The Strength Factory
  • How to get in contact with The Strength Factory


The first thing you will probably notice about doing a more specific mountain bike training programme is how different the exercises are to your normal everyday gym routine. When listening to Ben talk about this, the advantages are obvious. Using Aaron Gwin as an example, Ben takes us through how bike specific training can help improve strength, handling, endurance and posture on the bike. We chat about how this can be beneficial for both professional and amateur riders (including ‘weekend warriors’ like myself).

We also chat about how building strength in the gym can help with injury prevention and recovery. Ben takes us through why strength training can help with falls and injury prevention. Ben also chats about how having good mobility, which he coaches in his programmes, is the first defence to injury prevention. He also tells us how getting back to the gym after an injury can help recovery- even if you have a busted collarbone like me!!

Ben has coached a number of top riders and has a impressive portfolio currently attending his programmes. We chat to Ben about his future plans for The Strength Factory and how his goal is to train a world champion. We also chat about his upcoming programmes designed to help you stay motivated and improve your skills. Plus much more.

Put your feet up, have a listen and get ready to hit the gym!


To Connect with Ben & The Strength Factory:

Website: thestrengthfactory.uk

Facebook: mtbstrengthfactory

Instagram: strengthfactory_coach

(quick link to the programmes page) – thestrengthfactory.uk/programmes


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Massive thanks to Ben for coming on the show and sharing his training expertise and getting us stoked for hitting the gym and trails!

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!