053 – Why You Should Mountain Bike In Malta

053 – Why You Should Mountain Bike In Malta

Todays Guest

Federico Sermarini – And why you should mountain bike in Malta

On todays episode number Fifty Three we are chatting to Federico Sermarini about why you should look at Malta for a mountain bike adventure plus tons more great information on biking in this Mediterranean island.

If you have been listening to the show over the last few weeks you will be well aware of my bike accident (because I never shut-up about it) resulting in a broken collarbone. Well Federico is one of the guys (Edward, owner of Wheel Wizards being the other) that helped me that day, got me back to the car on as many flat roads as possible and off to hospital.

So it was a pleasure to get him on the show and chat about what Malta has to offer as a mountain biking destination, what you can expect from the trails, the awesome weather, how the scene is growing, what bikes the guys are riding and lots more information about why you should give Malta a try for your next MTB adventure.

Find Out:

  • What the trails are like in Malta
  • Why Malta is different from other trails
  • The skills you will need to ride Malta
  • What you can expect from a a days riding in Malta
  • What bikes the guys and riding here and why
  • Why Federico rides Mondraker and what he thinks of his new 29er
  • What the mountain bike scene is like in Malta
  • Why the scene is growing
  • Why the guys meet at 6.30 am
  • What Malta is like to ride all year round
  • How to hook up with a guide
  • Possible exciting future plans for a tailored adventure/guiding package
  • How to get in contact for more information


Malta has an awesome climate which means you can ride all year round. It does get warm in the summer and can reach up to the mid 30’s. So, it is normally a good idea to get up early and beat the rising temperatures. The guys here will normally hook up every Sunday morning around 6.30 am and be finished around 10 am. We chat to Federico about what you can expect on one of these rides and why you should bring swimming trunks and a towel.

The scene in Malta is very welcoming and the guys are keen to see new faces. Federico chats to us about what the scene is like in Malta, what the guys are like and how he has seen it change over the years, for the better. We chat about the terrain and how it is very different from the UK and Ireland and what skill base you will need. There are no large mountains in Malta but there is still a downhill scene here which is growing larger every year. We chat about that and how the guys are building bigger and better jumps, including a road gap. Crazy stuff.

Federico chats to us about the possibility of a future mountain bike holiday guiding package for Malta and Gozo, letting people experience what this great Mediterranean island has to offer. Which sounds awesome considering it is cheap to fly to Malta from the UK and Ireland. You could be leaving a wet wintery UK and be here in dry 16-20 degrees weather over the winter months, sounds good to me. So keep your ears and eyes peeled for upcoming information on that (you can also contact me directly for more information if you wish, see below).

So just as the weather is starting to break, put your feet up and dream of warm weather trail riding (it’s still 30 degrees!) in Malta. Enjoy the show!


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Massive thanks to Federico for coming on the show and telling us about mountain biking in Malta.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!