054 – Mud And No Makeup with Tess Brown

054 – Mud And No Makeup with Tess Brown

Today Guest

Tess Brown – Lady shredder, MTB advocate, Enduro racer and a damn good ambassator for ladies Mountain Biking

On todays episode number Fifty Four we are chatting with Tess Brown from her very popular mountain bike Instagram page MUD_AND_NO_MAKEUP. Tess started mountain biking around four years ago and since her first time on the mountain, on a proper bike and on proper trails she was hooked.

Tess is super passionate about mountain biking and as with so many of us, it has taken her to places she never thought she would have been and it helps to have two wheels below you.

Tess started her MTB Instagram account just over a year ago to catalogue her mountain bike racing and travels and it has grown very quickly with over 12K followers. This has helped open the doors of sponsorship helping Tess get to races and promote and enjoy this hobby she is so passionate about.

We chat about how Tess got started, how she felt about her first proper mountain bike ride, what her first bike was, how she got into the racing scene, advice she has for ladies wanting to start mountain biking and why mountain biking has made Tess move home. Plus much more.

Find Out:

  • Why Tess rode down a Red Trail to first try mountain biking
  • If she scared on her first ride
  • Why Tess got hooked on mountain biking
  • Her first bike and how it changed over the years
  • What bike and gear she upgraded to
  • Why she loves her new set-up
  • What Tess is doing to get ready for winter riding
  • How Tess got involved in the racing scene
  • Why never to give up if you have a bad result
  • Why we all should try a bit of racing and how it helps
  • How Tess got hooked up with sponsorship
  • How sponsorship helps her racing and riding
  • Advice from Tess about getting started in mountain biking
  • Gear advice and what to buy for ladies
  • Why Tess is moving house because of mountain biking
  • How to get in contact and follow Tess and her MTB adventures


Tess is in love with mountain biking and it is not hard to figure this out when you hear her talking about it. It is also hard to believe that she only started mountain biking four years ago, as she has learned so much about bikes, set-up and what works for her. There is defiantly a new brand of lady biker out their and Tess is not alone. We chat about who motivates her to keep pushing the pedals and why she looks up to these athletes. We also chat about the riding friends she has found along the way and how that also helps keep her motivated.

We chat about racing and how she felt at her first event. Even though Tess did not have a good result in her first race she took the positives from it and has learned that the race scene is just not about wining, it has so much more to offer. I love how Tess chats about this and her perspective is very inspiring for anybody wanting to start, not only racing but mountain biking in general. We also talk about how she hooked up with Amanda Dexter and Lynette Deacon, both racers and previous guests on the podcast.

It was great to get Tess on the show. I love chatting to people that have taken their passion and turned it into a life changing hobby. Tess works hard at mountain biking and is dedicated to pushing herself, improving her skill level and getting faster. But this is what I love. She is even more dedicated to having fun, enjoying herself, going to new places, meeting new people and having a damn good time while doing it. And that is what it is all about!

Enjoy the show.


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Massive thanks to Tess for coming on the show and sharing her story.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

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