056 – Carbon Wheels? We Chat with Sixth Element

056 – Carbon Wheels? We Chat with Sixth Element

Todays Guest

Graham Stock – Founder and Owner of Sixth Element Wheel Company

On episode Fifty Six to was my pleasure to get Graham Stock on the show to talk about everything carbon wheel related. Graham is the Founder and Owner of the UK based carbon wheel company called Sixth Element operating out of Manchester.

I was introduced to Graham and Sixth Element by Tom Bell who was on the podcast back in episode Forty Four (Listen Here). Tom is a brand ambassador for Sixth Element and thought that Graham would make an interesting guest for the show. He was not wrong. I reached out to Graham who kindly agreed to come on the podcast and tell the story of Sixth Element.

Graham loves talking wheels. He has a real passion for it, so it is good for us all that he runs his own wheel building company. The Sixth Element product is hand build in their workshop and every order is bespoke for that order or that customer.

Sixth Element has been in business for the last four years and they have made some great strides in both getting great riders on their wheels but also making a product that people love. The evidence is easy to find, just check out their website (see below). The customers not only leave great reviews but also post images of their bikes proudly wearing their new wheels. And with a lifetime guarantee included it is not easy to see why.

Graham chats to us about his background, where the idea to start a wheel company came from, the materials they use, the environmental issues involved with carbon, product options, pricing…plus much much more. So if you’re thinking of a new set of wheels to upgrade your ride, make your riding better or whatever the reason my be, then pop those headphones on and have a listen!

Find Out:

  • Why Graham started Sixth Element
  • What the name means (think back to high school physics!)
  • Grahams crazy, but effective means of testing the wheels in the early days
  • How carbon wheels can help you ride better
  • The different types of carbon Sixth Element use
  • How the wheels are hand build in-house
  • The different spokes Sixth Element use and why
  • The different hubs that Sixth Element use as part of their complete wheel
  • The product options available and how you can mix and match if you wish
  • Graham’s thoughts on the environmental issue’s regarding carbon and how he thinks this will have to be looked at in more detail by the large manufactures
  • Sixth Element prices
  • Why you should call (free-phone number) and have a chat with Graham or another staff member if you are not sure what wheel best suits your needs
  • How the Sixth Element ambassadors help with research and development
  • How to best get in contact with Sixth Element


Graham knows his product well and offers a great range of rim sizes, weights, widths and prices. There are tons of options for you to choose from. And did I say the wheels look awesome! Graham does not cut corners to keep prices low or use sub-standard grades of carbon to make larger profit margins. He produces a great product at a very competitive price and lets not forget about that life time guarantee, showing that Sixth Element stand over their product and believe in the quality and workmanship that goes into each and everyone of their wheels. There is a lot more to wheels than you think and some of the stuff, you would never even think about. And lets face it, wheels probably are the best way to upgrade your bike and that will probably mean upgrading to carbon. We chat about these benefits and what that could mean for your riding.

Now we all know that carbon wheels are not the cheapest things on the planet so because Graham wants you to feel comfortable that you are choosing the correct product for your riding needs, he offers a free-phone number that you can simply call and have a chat regarding what would best suit you. And don’t be surprised if it is Graham himself that answers the phone. When I called to arrange a time for the podcast recording Graham answered the phone, and you can’t say that about customer care in many companies now a days.

So if you are thinking of upgrading, making changes to your bike or simply want more information on choosing a carbon wheel, you will want to listen to this episode. Graham is a really stand-up guy and tells it how it is. You will find lots of great information within this episode and find out what Sixth Element can offer you, how you can purchase and easily get in contact.

Plug in and enjoy!


To Connect Graham and Sixth Element:

Website: www.sixthelement.co.uk

Instagram: sixthelementwheels

Facebook: SixthElementWheels

Twitter: sixthelementUK


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Massive thanks to Graham for coming on the show and sharing the story of Sixth Element.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

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