058 – Train Your Mind And Body For MTB with Simon Hall

058 – Train Your Mind And Body For MTB with Simon Hall

Todays Guest

Simon Hall – Coach, Speaker, Writer & Founder – Helping people achieve greatness in all areas of their life, including MTB

On episode number Fifty Eight we are changing the way we think about life, work and passions with Simon Hall who helps people chase the life they are passionate about and really want to live. And this spills into mountain biking as Simon is now hooked on hitting the trails with two wheels below him.

I was put in contact with Simon via Alex Holowko, who we had on the podcast back in episode number Forty Three chatting about how to prepare for an enduro (Listen here). Alex is coached by Simon not just for his mountain bike racing and adventures but for his life on the road to how he stays focused, and focused on the correct things to help him improve and move forward.

Simon is such a great guy and is really switched on to helping people get into the correct frame of mind to better their life and getting them moving in the right direction to make their life better. And we as mountain bikers are so lucky because Simon has just been bit by the mountain bike bug. Simon got into mountain biking after a chance meeting with Alex. The two of them hit it off and one thing lead to another. Simon helped Alex focus and change his lifestyle and Alex helped Simon get on a bike and up the mountain.

We chat to Simon about how to better yourself, how to make the gym work for you, getting your meditation on the trails, fuelling yourself properly for the bike and making your passion help in your everyday life, plus much more.

Find Out:

  • What Simon does and how he can help your mountain biking
  • How Simon helps Alex preform at a higher level
  • How Simon got interested in mountain biking
  • What Simon thought about his very cool Santa Cruz and how it helped build his confidence
  • How getting your morning routine dialled in will help with the rest of your day
  • What type of thing you should be doing in your morning routine
  • What Simon’s day looks like
  • How to make the gym work for you and the bike
  • Why going to the gym should be fun
  • What to do if the gym is just not for you
  • Why making the gym, eating and work into a lifestyle helps
  • How your mind set is so important to your riding and everyday life
  • What the pro’s do different from the weekend warrior
  • How to know if you should be looking for help from somebody like Simon
  • Where to find and follow what Simon is up to


It was great to get Simon on the podcast and chat about what he does and how it can help us mountain bikers. I read quite a lot about this type of thing and find it very interesting how we can adapt the same processes to help with anything we do in life and certainly help with mountain biking. We chat about what separates us weekend warriors from the pro’s and how their mental strength, among other things help them stay focused, motivated and on track to achieve their goals. I think we are too quick to dismiss how much the mind comes into play when we are talking about mountain biking, it is an area that is never really talked about. But you hear other professional sport athletes talk about mind coaches and how they help their overall performance, so why not in mountain biking? We chat about this and why this may be.

I really needed another two or three hours with Simon talking about this subject. And as he said before we started to record, every question opens up another ten questions. I really like Simon’s attitude towards the gym and getting fitter for the bike. We chat about why the gym should be something you enjoy doing and if you don’t, simply find something else that you do find enjoyable. Simon continues to say that whatever you are doing you should try and look at as a lifestyle, not a necessity. We chat about how this is possible if you set your mind to it and know what direction you want to go. We talk about how getting over our fears and pushing forward plays a huge part in anything that we are trying to achieve outside of our comfort zones. This can easily be adapted for our mountain bike passions, may it be in racing or simply improving our bike skills or doing that drop we never thought we would be able to do.

It is a very interesting episode and I hope you can take something from it that helps you on the trails or even in your daily life. This is one for a coffee, so get the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy!


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Massive thanks to Simon for coming on the show and helping to give us insights into making things better in life and on the trails.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!