061 – Staying Stoked, Racing, Gear And Sponsorship with The Bear – Rob Allcoat

061 – Staying Stoked, Racing, Gear And Sponsorship with The Bear – Rob Allcoat

Todays Guest

Rob Allcoat a.k.a The Bear – After 20 years of mountain biking Rob shares with us how he keeps the stoke, why racing is good for progression, how a skate park helps skills on the mountain bike, what gear he uses and how best to get sponsorship. Plus more.

On episode Sixty One we are chatting with The Bear, Rob Allcoat. I have been following Rob on Instagram for a little while and just loved his attitude, love for mountain biking and the energy he put out with his posts and videos. So I reached out and asked him to come on the podcast for a chat about what he does, how he stays motivated and how he went about getting ambassadorship and sponsorship. Rob was kind enough to say yes and we quickly set it up.

Rob has a passion for getting people out on the trails and through his sponsorships and growing social community he has been able to reach more people and motivate people to start mountain biking, get out in nature and enjoy exercise on two wheels. And for Rob that is what it is all about. Rob is fully aware of what mountain biking does for his overall mental state, energy and love for life and he simply wants to pass that on to as many people as he can. He is doing a great job so far!

Find Out:

  • Why Rob has the nickname ‘The Bear’
  • How Rob got started in mountain biking
  • What has kept him biking for so long
  • What Rob’s local scene is like
  • How mountain biking helps Rob’s everyday life
  • Why Rob loves and hits the skate park as much as possible
  • What gear Rob uses and what he loves about it
  • How Rob stays stoked
  • Why he started racing
  • How Rob went about getting sponsorship
  • What Rob has planed for next season
  • Were to follow Rob on socials


Rob was posting a lot of footage of himself biking in a skate park over the last few weeks. We chat about how this can help your bike handling skills and what kind of bike you will need to hit the skate park. We chat about what gear Rob uses and how he went about getting sponsorship, how this helps him stay stoked and get out on the trails. We get into the racing scene, how that is changing and why Rob intends to attend a few enduro races next season.

It was great to get Rob on the show. I just love his energy and positive attitude towards something he has been doing for 20 years. So hit play and find out how you can stay stoked, have a good time and may be, just may be grab yourself a few sponsorships!


To Connect with Rob:

Instagram: roballcoatthebear

YouTube: Adventures Of The Bear


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Massive thanks to Rob for coming on the show and sharing his story. Awesome!

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!