063 – Fitter, Faster And Stronger For The Trails with MTB Fitness

063 – Fitter, Faster And Stronger For The Trails with MTB Fitness

Todays Guest

Matt Mooney, Founder and Owner of MTB Fitness. We chat with Matt about how being that little bit more specific in the gym can help you on the trails and how nutrition and mind-set can help even the weekend warrior.

On episode Sixty Three we are chatting to Matt about his 12 week MTB training programme, which has been bought in over 23 countries and is a great way to help you get fitter, feel better and be faster on your rides. We chat about how Matt after many years of being a Personal Trainer found his passion again for mountain biking and seen a hole in the market for a more pacific mountain bike training programme. And this is when MTB Fitness was born.

Matt is very knowledgeable in how training can help you in a load of different areas of your daily life and how getting your butt into the gym a few times a week can help your riding. We chat about what his 12 week MTB programme consists of, how it works, equipment you will require (which is not a lot) and how much time you will require in the gym to help on the trails. We also delve into nutrition, mind-set and injury recovery.

Find Out:

  • Why Matt started MTB Fitness
  • What is included in the MTB Fitness Programme
  • How it programme works
  • How Matt’s videos help with each exercise
  • How you can use the programme anywhere with little equipment
  • How you can purchase the programme
  • Why going to the gym will help you ride better
  • Why being fitter helps you enjoy your ride more
  • The many ways the gym can help your daily life and biking
  • Why we all should attend the gym
  • How the gym helps with injury prevention
  • Why being flexible is important for mountain biking
  • What Matt has planed for the future
  • How to best follow and get in contact with Matt


It was great to get Matt on the show and chat about training for MTB. It is so popular now in the mountain biking world and loads of bikers seem to be hitting the gym in their spare time. It makes since to put a bit of time into making yourself fitter and stronger when you can’t get to the trails. I truly believe it makes your time spent on the trials more enjoyable. You can spend time having a laugh with your riding buddies and not huffing and puffing from one climb to the next. It really does make a huge difference (and you may end up being the fastest out of your group!).

We chat about that dreaded leg burn and how caffeine may be able to help, along with other ways to fuel yourself for the trails. And if you are looking to lose a little weight we chat about how to best go about that and not starve yourself while on the trails. We get into why recovery is so important and should be done correctly with the proper type of food and in what type of time frame after a ride. This is the type of subject that you could talk about all day and it is an important subject, because we all want to enjoy our rides, feel better, have less injuries and enjoy our leisure time to the fullest.

Well stick in those ear buds and have a listen and start the first step to getting fitter, faster and stronger for the trails. Enjoy!!


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Massive thanks to Matt for coming on the show and sharing his MTB Fitness Programme with us.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!