065 – The Next Irish Threat Oisin O’Callaghan – Find Out Why

065 – The Next Irish Threat Oisin O’Callaghan – Find Out Why

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Oisin O’Callaghan – Find out why at only 15 years old, Oisin rips and is heading the Irish Downhill charge. We chat to Oisin about the help he gets and if having the Ballyhoura Trail Network in your back garden has been an advantage for his mountain biking goals and future plans.

On episode number Sixty Five we are chatting with the young Irish ripper Oisin O’Callaghan. Oisin has been raging the downhill circuit over the last number of years and is quickly reaching the top of the youth division.

When I had Oisin’s father Chris on the show back on episode 062 (listen here) chatting about the Ballyhoura Trail Network, we had a quick chat about Oisin and how his season had went and what his goals were for the near future. I was super interested and wanted to know more. Chris was kind enough to ask Oisin if he would like to share his story on the podcast and thankfully he was cool with coming on and chatting with us.

For a 15 year old kid, Oisin is super motivated, dedicated and willing to push himself to take that next step forward. When I gave him a call he had only finished a gym workout. A gym that he has set up in his garage and it sounds awesome. For a young man Oisin has his head screwed on in the right direction. He knows what he wants from mountain biking and knows what he wants to achieve over the next season, and Oisin has the plans in place to do just that.

We chat to Oisin about why he has got so good at a young age, what his training looks like, his favourite race from last year, how his season went, Crankworx, sponsorship, plus loads more.

Find Out:

  • What age Oisin started mountain biking
  • How his mum and dad helped with the process
  • What it was like to have Ballyhoura network trail as your backyard
  • How Oisin started to get noticed in the race scene
  • What Oisin does to get fitter, stronger and faster
  • Why he is working so hard to get better on the bike
  • What kind of training Oisin does
  • The help Oisin is getting to improve his performance
  • How Oisin got on last season in the race scene
  • The highs and lows of Oisin’s race season
  • Oisin’s favourite race to date
  • What type of conditions Oisin likes to compete in
  • Why a bad tyre choice cost Oisin a good race result
  • Who Oisin is sponsored by
  • Oisin’s goals for next season and the near future
  • How to keep up to date with what Oisin has going on


I really enjoyed my chat with Oisin. It is great to see that mountain biking seems to be alive and well with the youth in Ireland. And to be honest the number of great trail networks that are popping up over the North and South of Ireland is very impressive, like Ballyhoura with it’s 98km of trails. Oisin chats about how having such a trail network on his doorstep has been a major reason why he is finding success and has gotten to this point at such a young age. It is great to know that the trail networks are making a difference, not only for a Sunday family visit but also preparing the next generation to take up racing and be competitive at a high level. And with more trail networks planned for the near future, the signs are encouraging that we will continue to see young guys and girls like Oisin stepping up onto that elite stage. Of course it takes more than just trail networks to make champions and we chat to Oisin about the help he receives and the people he has looked up to over the years that have got him to where he is now.

Oisin is 100% focused on downhill and is not really interested in enduro or cross country, at least until he is to old to compete in downhill. This is not arrogant, the young man just knows where his passion lies and is determined to stay focused on one thing at a time, making the most of his opportunities and being the best rider he can be. Oisin tells us about how even at this young level the scene is very competitive and everybody is out to win. Oisin has great mates in the race scene and the craic off the track seems to be very good, supportive and social. Oisin chats to us about friends he has made and great places he has visited all due to mountain biking. Plus much much more.

So sit back, hit play and find out what the race scene is like for a young 15 year old from Limerick. If you want to show your support for Oisin, you will find his social pages etc.. below. Thanks for tuning in!


To connect with Oisin:

Facebook: oisinocallaghanmtb

Facebook: oisin.ocallaghan.18

Instagram: oisinocallaghanmtb

Twitter: ocallaghan_c


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Massive thanks to Oisin for coming on the show and sharing his story. Awesome!

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

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