068 – How Important Is Photo & Film In MTB? We Chat with Mid Nowhere Productions

068 – How Important Is Photo & Film In MTB? We Chat with Mid Nowhere Productions

Todays Guest

Jacob Martin – Owner and Founder of Mid Nowhere Productions

On episode Sixty Eight we are chatting to Jacob Martin, Owner and Founder of Mid Nowhere Productions. If you listened to last weeks episode with Maya Atkinson (listen here) you will know the background to how Jacob sent me a film he had shot with Maya and after watching that film I just had to get both Maya and Jacob on the show.

It was cool that Jacob was happy to come on the show and share his story about how he got into filmography and how the film with Maya came about through the network of people in mountain biking. And once again it goes to show that this mountain biking community is so friendly and social and that the contacts and friends you make within it are a major reason why we all find it so appealing and consuming.

I was blown away to find out that Jacob is only 19 years old because by looking at his films, these all seem to be the work of an older more mature and experienced film maker. Don’t judge a film by its cover type thing. Which makes what he has done and is planning to do that little bit more special.

We chat to Jacob about how he got stated in filmography, how working with Aussie Grit Apparel came about, what gear he uses, how you can easily get started in filmography, the major part it plays in mountain biking and his very cool movie ‘Get It Done’ (see below) with Maya Atkinson. Plus much more.

Get plugged in and check it out!

Find Out:

  • How Jacob got started in filmography
  • Why he decided to start Mid Nowhere Productions
  • Why Uni is not for him
  • Why Jacob follows his passion and enjoys it
  • How Jacob came to do a photo shoot for Aussie Grit Apparel
  • Why Jacob and Maya decided to make a film together
  • How long it took to shoot ‘Get It Done’
  • The trouble you can run into to get permission to shoot a film
  • Why the editing plays a major part in the outcome of a movie
  • How ‘Get It Done’ received great success on Pinkbike
  • What camera gear Jacob uses and the rough cost
  • How to best start and get involved in filmography
  • What Jacob has planned for the near future
  • How to best keep up to date and get in contact with Jacob


For a young man Jacob knows what he wants and where his strengths lay. He is super passionate about filming and takes every opportunity that comes his way, he is not scared of work. In saying that, Jacob has also got work through just getting out there and getting things done, not expecting to get paid for everything he produces but to simply build up his portfolio of work and his experience behind the camera. And within the mountain biking community this gets you places. We chat to Jacob about how he learns and picks up tips via YouTube and where he finds his inspiration to shoot the type of films he enjoys. And finding enjoyment from it is one of the main reasons Jacob does it in the first place.

We chat to Jacob about how important he feels video and imagery are to the mountain bike industry and if he feels it is good for the average racer or rider. We consume so much of our information now via imagery that it is hard not to get lost in it at some time throughout your day. But is this really good for us and what does that say about the industries throwing this content continually at us. We chat to Jacob about this and if he feels it helps people like him find different routes into following their passions and making a living from it.

Jacob is only starting out in his career path but I have a feeling he will make it work and be able to follow his passion of filmography for many years to come. He has started out well, he has made good contacts within the mountain biking industry, he is willing to put time and effort into making great content without needing payment and he is loving what he is doing. And to be successful in anything you need all these great attributes plus much more, which I believe Jacob has.

So if you want to get into filmography yourself or simply want to know how a young man takes that leap of faith and follows his passions to do something he truly loves, tune in and check it out. It will motivate you if nothing else to take your camera out with you next time you hit the trails!


To Connect with Jacob and Mid Nowhere Productions:

Website: jacobmartin.co.uk

YouTube: Mid Nowhere Productions

Facebook: Mid Nowhere Productions

Instagram: Mid_Nowhere


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Massive thanks to Jacob for coming on the show and telling his story.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Happy New Year to everyone. Enjoy the holidays and take care on the trails!

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