069 – Busk To Ride – Jack Devlin 2018 Ulster Elite Enduro Champion

069 – Busk To Ride – Jack Devlin 2018 Ulster Elite Enduro Champion

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Jack Devlin – 2018 Ulster Elite Enduro Champion on busking to ride movie, breaking bones, Vitus First Tracks Race Team, goals for 2019 and much more.

Happy New Year! and welcome to episode Sixty Nine. On this episode we are chatting with Jack Devlin about his exciting mountain bike journey to date, how his music talents have helped and everything in between. I first ran into Jack (truth be told he almost ran into me, you will need to listen to the podcast to find out more!) when he was competing in the 24 hour race at Castlewellan.

That was over a year ago and a lot has happened since then, so it was well overdue that I got Jack on the show to fill us in on what has been going on. If you know Jack you will know he is a great character, always smiling having fun and on top of the world so it was great to get him on the show for a chat.

Jack has had a great year, he was crowned 2018 Ulster Elite Enduro Champion, he has raced in a number of EWS events including Whistler, he stars in his own movie called ‘Busk To Ride – The Whistler Edition’ (see below) and he has landed with the Vitus First Tracks Team again for 2019. However, he has had his bumps and brakes a long the way.

We chat to Jack about all this plus, how he got started in mountain biking, how he hooked up Glyn O’Brien and the Vitus crew, how his season has went, how he is recovering from a broken wrist and what his goals are for the 2019 race season.

Take a load off and tune in to hear one of the fastest dude’s in Ireland on two wheels tell us his story and also, how to have a few laughs along the way.

Find Out:

  • How Jack got into mountain biking
  • What Jack’s first mountain bike was
  • How his first race went
  • How Jack got to know Glyn and the crew
  • Why Jack changed form riding downhill to enduro
  • How Jack’s 2017 season went and how he got an EWS Wildcard
  • What changed for Jack come the 2018 season
  • Why Jack was so dominant in the Ulster Enduro events
  • What it was like to take the Ulster Elite Enduro Champion title
  • What his last run was like and how Jack almost changed his race tactics
  • What it is like being on the Vitus First Tracks Race Team
  • How this all came to be
  • What Jack’s recovery has been like from two major accidents
  • Why Jack had to busk in Canada to raise the funds to get home
  • And how a movie came from this experience
  • Jack’s 2019 goals
  • How to best keep up to date with Jack


Jack is such a cool guy and I had a blast chatting with him about the many different things that go into following your passions for mountain biking and life in general. But I also wanted to chat with Jack about his amazing guitar playing and awesome singing talents. If you have not heard Jack play or sing, just hit one of the links below to find out just how talented this young man is. To be able to ride a bike that fast, play the guitar and sing so well is just awesome, I will say I am just that little bit jealous. Like who wouldn’t be? We chat about how Jack got into playing the guitar and how that lead him into a musical school path to busking in Whistler to pay for a plane ticket home (because he had no shoes. I know, What? You will just have to listen to the show).


After Jack’s success in Ireland he was off the race in a number of EWS events, including Austria, Italy and Canada. We chat to Jack about his results and even though everything did not go to plan he still managed to tally up some good results, learn a lot and find out what it was like to ride in bottom bracket high mud (it rarely even gets that deep in Ireland). Jack fills us in on what these events are like and how the team environment really is a must at such events. We chat to Jack about how Vitus has helped him and the type of support he receives throughout the year, including what model of bike he is riding and what other sponsor’s have came on board to help out.


Jack had a bit of a set back at Halloween when he broke his wrist (believe me this was a true Halloween accident, the episode will reveal all), but seems to have bounced back and is keen to get the bike back into the dirty stuff. We chat to Jack about his injury, including another past injury (which I didn’t know about) and how that has effected his confidence if any. We jump into the 2019 race season and find out what goals Jack would like to achieve and chat about a few interesting things he has planned for the near future.


So put your feet up, take a load off and chill out with Jack Devlin on this weeks episode. It’s a good one. Enjoy!


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Massive thanks to Jack for coming on the show and telling us his story of MTB, music and life.

Thanks for listening and being part of the Tribe!

Happy New Year to everyone and take care on the trails for 2019!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!