072 – Flats Or Clipless? – Revisited – We Chat with Pedalling Innovations

072 – Flats Or Clipless? – Revisited – We Chat with Pedalling Innovations

Back on episode number 025 I had a chat with James Wilson, founder and owner of Pedalling Innovations and inventor of the Catalyst Pedal. This was one of the best episodes of 2018 and I know you guys really got involved and enjoyed the episode. Many of you have asked what the best episodes have been over the last 18 months, so here is one of the top episodes for you to get caught up on and have a listen.

Enjoy and thanks for tuning in.

Todays Guest

James Wilson – Owner and Founder of Pedalling Innovations and the Catalyst Pedal

In todays episode number Seventy Two we are revisiting episode Twenty Five, where we chatted with James Wilson, owner and founder of Pedalling Innovations. We will be talking with James about why he strongly believes you should be using flat pedals over clipless. James has done lots of his own research into the pedalling stroke and has come to the conclusion that clipless is not the way to go.

James provides us with his evidence on the podcast of what he has found during his research and what his conclusions are regarding the use of flat vs. clipless pedals. But James also believes that the flat pedals available on the market at this time are also not great at helping the pedal stroke, so James made the decision to create, design and produce his own pedal, the ‘Catalyst Pedal’. So why is this better? You will find out all on the podcast.

Find Out

  • Why James felt the need to manufacture a new flat pedal
  • How James went about designing the pedal
  • Where the pedals are manufactured and what they are made from
  • James findings when researching into flat vs. clipless
  • The difference between the Catalyst Pedal and other flat pedals
  • Why the Catalyst Pedal works better than other flat pedals
  • What advantages do the Catalyst Pedal give you
  • Why you should buy the Catalyst Pedal
  • The price of the Catalyst Pedal
  • Where you can make a purchase
  • Future plans for Pedalling Innovations

If you listened to episode number Sixteen on the podcast you will know James. He was on the show talking about his Mtb Strength Training Systems and the benefits of using specific mountain bike training exercises to help you in the gym and on the bike. When I interviewed James for the episode I knew he had manufactured a new flat pedal and we touched on it a little at the end of the show. But when I heard James talking about the pedal, pedal stroke, foot position etc. and how passionate he was about this area of mountain biking I had to get him back on the show to talk about it.

One thing I know about James is that he knows his stuff. He does not do anything without properly researching it, digging into the subject and finding out his own conclusions. So when James was so passionate about these pedal findings I knew I had to listen. Whatever pedal camp you may be in, you should have a listen to what James has to say. I am a flat pedal guy, but that is just me. I know why I use them (bad cornering technique, among other things!) and I know I will probably always ride flats but if you are a clipless rider this episode will be good for you also. I am not telling you in any way what you should be riding, everyone to their own. I love that we can make our own decisions with this type of stuff. I also want to say that James is not on this podcast giving his pedals the hard sell. James truly does this for the purpose of helping people and this is what drives him. He does this through his training systems and also his pedals. But if this episode triggers your interest and you want to buy a set, go for it, we all have to make a living!

I would also like to add that James sent me a set of his Catalyst Pedals to try after I had him on episode Sixteen of the show. If you want to find out what I thought about the pedals over the other flats I ride, tune in and have a listen. Its a great episode and I am so glad we have James back on the show as his knowledge helps us all.

Enjoy the show!!


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Thanks so much to James for coming on the show once again and talking about his pedal company.

And thank you once again for Listening!

Join me next week for another MTB TRIBE Podcast show!